I Hate Evey One

I hate every one equily some people call me a racest but I hate pasty pale cracker mofos and I'm white I hate cristions jews muslums pegans athest becase thay belive in god or don't belive in god. I hate women becase thay can have kids I hate men becase thay can't. I hate you becase you can read I hate iliterit people becase thay can't read I hate kids becase of ther youth I hate old people becase thay don't have youth and should just go kill thim selfs to save oxigen. I hate the voices in my head becase thay won't shut the **** up. I hate my doc becase he makes me take meds for voices in my head. And I hate god becase he thinks he's beter than me
ihurtthereforiam ihurtthereforiam
26-30, M
Aug 4, 2012