Love And Dreams

Dreams give you a vision,
a clarity of things to foresee,
A goal to set,
a trouble to face or problem to solve,
without which there is no hope,
Each day we look forward to,
No matter what, today is here, yesterday being gone and tomorrow a dream,
Virtual a world it may be,
But our wishes and dreams needn't be.
A hope a dream to see you here each day,
brings a smile on my face, a warmth in my heart,
No matter what, the power is this dream.
It makes us strong in hope and it makes us what we are.
For without a dream should we cease,
to be not ourselves and nothing to see.
Love may give a direction but in dreams we see the vision,
the vision that makes us free.
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1 Response Sep 6, 2012

Your post was a great way to start my day.