Yep...i Do...i Do....i Really Really Really Do...









































That's all

luckypickle luckypickle
97 Responses Dec 29, 2009

Holy crap....I've got the youngins coming around..yay!! *dances*

lol ur silly :S

OMG....I love your username!!!

Lol.<br />
Ok?<br />
Kind Regards<br />
King Fluffs

I haven't seen those in ages. Haha..I gotta get a pic of this. Blackmail *winks*

Keep em coming Legs, I think I am going to need a few more before yous are done

Oh okay Reecey, you've been a good sport! *feeds Reece beer through a crazy straw* ;-P

*tosses beer* Oh wait...can you drink while tied up and flat on your back?

You are EVIL Legs **giggles like mad** OWWWWWWWW one bit me. but they are SOOOOOOOOOO cute =)<br />
Can I have a beer? I am going to need one to get this traumatic experiance outta my head

Oooh puppy piddles!

Aww puppies! I love puppies....

Lmao! My kitties bite!! *lets out Gaia and Apollo.<br />
<br />
Thirsty Lady? *hands beer*

Not so fast Reece hon, LOL *tickles with feather* Don't you like puppies and kittens? C'mon aren't they cute? *rubs sardines on the guys feet and lets the kittens loose* ;-P

I can go get some more if you'd like. Just untie me and I'll grab them for ya =P

I have popcorn!!! And puppies and kittens to lick our tied up friends in their tickle places!

And more Glitter too. We're out of glitter and I'm thirsty as hell too!

Damn girls...we need popcorn..and water balloons.

Get him SR * grins wickedly*

****. I'll be good Legs, I promise, just not the feather, anything but the feather

*giggles* you are so right Reece! *pulls out sparkly feather again and grins* ;-D

Ahahahahaah Tickle Time! sits on LKs legs and starts tickling his bare feet

Of course he is. *winks @ Lady*<br />
<br />
Haha thanks Kitty!

**giggling like mad now, his cheeks are as red as a tomato** You women are wicked, you know that right?

what an amazing story!!! ;D

Is LK ticklish too? Let's see.*gets a feather and pulls of his shoes* Come on LK Ticklish?

Aww...did you hurt your nose love? *kisses nose and shoves to ground*

Damnit I'm the only Rose allowed in here! *scares Rosie away with pitchfork and chucks a pointy heel at her*

*ties Reece up in tinsel and leads him back* No no no, you don't get to leave yet darlin'!

**runs straight into the door** ****, I knew it was too easy HEHEHEHEHE<br />
Well it looks like we are stuck LM<br />
**cowers in the corner**

Crap...she doesn't eat PICKLES does she?


Reece aren't going anywhere....I still have the key. And that door is reinforced..with tinsel.

**Jumps up and runs** You are on your own man

*tackles LK and throws glitter all over* Oooh ain't he purdy?

ANd how about we let Reece go now?

*leaps off Reece and grabs LKs ankle's and pulls him down.


*sneaks up behind LK and cuffs his wrists together* Get him girls! =D

Yeah, get LM and let me go. <br />
Yeah I agree with Reece. <br />

Ooooh fresh meat. *winks @ LK* Do we have more rope ladies?

**splits out the hanky** HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP ME, please? Your all NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHA

Don't panic everyone! She is only here for Reece! As long as none of us make any sudden movements we will be safe!!!

**sees the glass beside us, the water is rippling** She is really coming isn't she?<br />

Hee hee hee! *blows zerberts on Reeces tummy, then pulls out a big sparkly feather*

Yay! Whipped Cream! *Wiggles excitedly on Reece's knees*

Rosie prefers her victims plain, hold the cream, LP! ;p

Shall I bring out the whip cream yet?

Your ******** me? You invited Rosie? OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br />
My sides are hurting now **giggling like crazy**<br />
LM GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone sit on his Knees... he won't kick anyone then! Here I'll do it. * Plants *** on Reece's knees.* Now try kicking boyo!

Okay guys! Rosie O' Donnell just got here. You got him tied up? Good, she's ready for him!<br />
<br />

**gags on the hanky, his screams are muffled but he is still giggling**

*pouts down at Reece* come on Reece be a good boy , just stay still and it will be over quicker wouldnt want to hurt one of us darling * giggles and tickles Reece* ;-D

Kicking and screaming eh? Tie him down secure ladies!!!!! =P

Oh hush now loves. *shoves silk hanky in mouth* You know you are getting all excited. *giggles and blushes realizing what I said*


I love torture! =D

Tickle my feet and I will scream and kick, I swear to god. And if you get hurt its your own fault HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA I am scared ;)

LOL Red, great minds think alike! ;-D

After we tie him lets use one of those feathers to tickle his feet!

Heehee, you're having fun, admit it! *tickles tied up Reece* =P

*comes out with 5 feet of rope and ties legs to table* Hurry...grab his hands! We can get him spread eagled!

Fruity whips? Ankles? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh **giggling like a maniac**

LMAO a fruity whip! I've got his ankles where's the rope!

****...and you're taller than me Kitti....*jumps on Reece back and knocks both to the group* us!!!<br />
<br />
Oooh where did you find a glittery whip? And why does it smell like fruit?

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm I don't know. Well I only have one thing to say, "HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP"

I have a whip

*hangs on to Reeces back ..stilletos off the floor* ummm hurry darling He is way taller than me *giggles* Star where are the paddles!!!

Who ever said that women played fair?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is TOTALLY not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*brings out rope, tar, feathers, and glitter* Hurry..hold him down while I tie him up. Who has the whip?

Ok girls I am taking a kitti run at him *giggles* grrrooowwwllll * runs at Reece and jumps on him* quick LP , Star, Red where is the paddles dalring ;-D

**panics, starts clawing at the windows** HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP <br />

*closes and locks door* You're not going anywhere.

Hahahah A wall of women... Nope you're not the only one... Empty does too....

**runs as fast as he can** Oh crap, only I can get myself into these situations **keeps on running**

yayayay *runs in grabs reds hand and LP * let get him girls yes ...come here Reece .... I've got the right side ... there is no where to hide Reece ... we can do this the hard way or the easy way *smiles wickedly*

Ooh spank him! Make those white cheeks blue. :D<br />
<br />
*spins with Star*

Wooo! I just got hugged by a kitti! LOL Now , I feel special...I'll help ya SR! *Runs after Reece*

**giggling like mad** Whats behind your back Legs?<br />
Jeez Louise, there it is again =)

LOL Reece, get back here!!! *hides paddle behind back* ;-P

*runs in giggling , runs at redlady gives her a big hug ..blushes and runs out*

**runs** =)

LMAO LP!!! Good one!! MWahahahahaha

Did someone request a spanking?? *grins* =D

LOL!!!!!! I'll spank ya Lady *winks*

LMAO! I just saw a blur! anyone ever notice she only waves at me? Ha! I never get spanked *grins wickedly and pops Pickles on the ****

LMAO! Pussticles! I sound like a pimple!! Pop me baby!

Did anyone else just see that? HEHEHEHEHEHE

*runs in....giggles and dances with LP and Star ,, waves at redlady , spanks GU ..hugs Reece winks at Aly ...runs out *

LOLOL none better Pussticles! Ha! Gave you a new nicky name!