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Yep...i Do...i Do....i Really Really Really Do...









































That's all

luckypickle luckypickle 26-30 97 Responses Dec 29, 2009

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Holy crap....I've got the youngins coming around..yay!! *dances*

lol ur silly :S

OMG....I love your username!!!

Lol.<br />
Ok?<br />
Kind Regards<br />
King Fluffs

I haven't seen those in ages. Haha..I gotta get a pic of this. Blackmail *winks*

Keep em coming Legs, I think I am going to need a few more before yous are done

Oh okay Reecey, you've been a good sport! *feeds Reece beer through a crazy straw* ;-P

*tosses beer* Oh wait...can you drink while tied up and flat on your back?

You are EVIL Legs **giggles like mad** OWWWWWWWW one bit me. but they are SOOOOOOOOOO cute =)<br />
Can I have a beer? I am going to need one to get this traumatic experiance outta my head

Oooh puppy piddles!

Aww puppies! I love puppies....

Lmao! My kitties bite!! *lets out Gaia and Apollo.<br />
<br />
Thirsty Lady? *hands beer*

Not so fast Reece hon, LOL *tickles with feather* Don't you like puppies and kittens? C'mon aren't they cute? *rubs sardines on the guys feet and lets the kittens loose* ;-P

I can go get some more if you'd like. Just untie me and I'll grab them for ya =P

I have popcorn!!! And puppies and kittens to lick our tied up friends in their tickle places!

And more Glitter too. We're out of glitter and I'm thirsty as hell too!

Damn girls...we need popcorn..and water balloons.

Get him SR * grins wickedly*

****. I'll be good Legs, I promise, just not the feather, anything but the feather

*giggles* you are so right Reece! *pulls out sparkly feather again and grins* ;-D

Ahahahahaah Tickle Time! sits on LKs legs and starts tickling his bare feet

Of course he is. *winks @ Lady*<br />
<br />
Haha thanks Kitty!

**giggling like mad now, his cheeks are as red as a tomato** You women are wicked, you know that right?

what an amazing story!!! ;D

Is LK ticklish too? Let's see.*gets a feather and pulls of his shoes* Come on LK Ticklish?

Aww...did you hurt your nose love? *kisses nose and shoves to ground*

Damnit I'm the only Rose allowed in here! *scares Rosie away with pitchfork and chucks a pointy heel at her*

*ties Reece up in tinsel and leads him back* No no no, you don't get to leave yet darlin'!

**runs straight into the door** ****, I knew it was too easy HEHEHEHEHE<br />
Well it looks like we are stuck LM<br />
**cowers in the corner**

Crap...she doesn't eat PICKLES does she?