I have an epilator, the first time when i tried, i thought oh, its not hurt... but i try only my calves. Then i epilated my all legs, ouch that hurts... I though if this things would be available of the time of inquisitions, they should use it effectively... But after few occasion, i get familiar that feeling. I like the feelings of my hairless body. But few year later i tried the waxing, and its give me less pain, and similar result. But the truth is: i cant wax myself properly, so i still use it. And it have few benefit: i didn't need to wait until my hair get enough long for waxing, but the truth is: shaving is much quicker... Alright, shaving don't give the result as the epilator.
VivienXX VivienXX
26-30, T
Jul 18, 2010