Much Better Than Shaving

I use to shave my legs,but even when I used a new razor my upper thigh's would come up in a rash.One day I was shopping in Boots for some make up,and came across a Phillips epilator in a sale,I had heard of these things but was not sure,but I decided to take the plunge and brought it,that was six years ago and my legs and behind hasn't seen a razor since.
The only down side is that I have to let the hair grow a bit so it can. Grab them properly.Now my legs are lovely and smooth for weeks instead of just a few days.

Jayne xxx
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4 Responses Sep 18, 2012

Is it painfull using a epilady

Could not agree more it hurts a little but the results are lasting

should post pics - sounds amazing

I used an epilator the last 2 winters and have lovely smooth legs, but was forced to let them grow again. This winter I have'nt shaved or epilated (my wife hates me in hairless legs) and my tights look awful. ;-(

And I know exactly what you mean

I don't understand that please explain