When I was 9 my father was having an affair on my Mom he was never hardly ever around. The only time I ever seen him is if I was bad for my Mom then him being drunk like he always was would drag me out of bed from dead sleep and beat my rear with a board or belt. My parents finally divorced when I was 12 of course I took it hard because I seen everything and knew everything. My Mom had some men she had met.. but one man she got involved with he would beat my rear with a belt if I had wet the bed an at the time yes I had the wetting the bed promblem so every morning I would get up and get it with the belt more than once and when it was my sisters turn this man hit the headboard of bed never hit my sister once. This man took my Mom n sister and I to South Carolina we ended up living in a small trailer park once day while we were leaving a bunch of police cars surrounded the car and had guns pointing at the car with me and my lil sister they took my Mom's boyfriend (at the time) out then they took my Mom to talk to her. I have been though alot of tramitizing things in my life as I was growing up. Never stayed at the same school always was moving so never really made any friends growing up that were my age and in my grade so till this day I really have no friends and I think I blame my father which I no longer claim him I call him by his real name. He never knew me because he was never around as I was growing up and he does not care to know me to this day and he lives right down the road from me. That is okay I have made up my mind with him I know longer want anything to do with him and that part of my life is better. Oh the only good thing is my Mom met the BEST man EVER and he took my Mom n sister and myself in and looked at us as his own still does he is my father and I am blessed to have him I love him so very much.
Krimsonraine Krimsonraine
46-50, F
Aug 17, 2014