Chasing Answers...

Well hello. This is my first dream i'm posting on here and i just woke up from it about 15 minutes ago. It started out with my friend and I that i go to school with going over movie critiques as a two-person group for a class. He had already done his half of the project and now it was my turn to do my half. When he was holding the papers it looked like there were maybe 10 papers total, but once he gave them to me, there were over 100 pages! This all takes place in a dark, dank cabin. I noticed that there were other people around in my dream as well. A few people that I knew. I set the stack of papers down and started to walk around. Eventually, I found myself walking upstairs. Once I did this, everyone who was in the dream before was now gone and I was all alone in the cabin. At the top of the stairs i found myself only to be greeted by a large creature that was half-machine and half-man. It was very large and fast. It began to chase me around. I ran everywhere only to find that I couldn't run for some reason. I would try to run as fast as i could and it seemed to be like i was only walking. When i got to the corner of the room i found a chainsaw. I began to battle the beast only to find that the chainsaw was running out of gas. After battling for what seemed like ages, I realized that I had stunned the beast momentarily. I saw my chance to run for help. I dropped the chainsaw and began to move toward a glass door. When i got to the glass door, there was a lock and chain on it. I immediately turned to the other direction and saw another door. Coming closer to the door I ran into a very large man in a suit and top hat. He began shouting at me and chasing me. I looked behind me and saw there was something in his hand. It looked like a small, black rectangle that was glowing white. Turning back around, I seemed to accidentally hit him and knock the object out of his hand. the glowing rectangle hit off the floor and bounced off the wall, almost like a rubber bouncing ball, and landed directly in my hands. I remember feeling a huge rush which added a little bit more speed to my running. I kicked open the door only to find that there was a fire escape-type of stair set leading down to the ground. I jumped down one whole set of stairs and glanced back and didn't see anyone there anymore, but I heard the man coming down the stairs after me. I continued to go as fast as I could down the stairs. When i reached the bottom, i found myself in a small town with many houses, but no sign of life at all. I continued to try to run, but once again I couldn't. I pulled out the glowing rectangle to find that it was a cell phone! My immiediate thoughts were to call 911 for help, but when i tried, i couldn't dial it. I would dial 1911 or 8911 everytime and couldn't just dial 911. As i tried to get away from the cabin, I noticed that the man was screaming at me and was almost at the bottom of the stairs with the other beast I had fought with before, the one that was half-machine, half-man.

I'm not really sure what this all means. I have many, many dreams where I'm being chased by something and cannot run to get away. Could anyone help me to figure out what it all means?
epit0me epit0me
18-21, M
May 4, 2007