Alas I Am Not Epjake Either, But I Would Like to Be Like Him When I Grow Up...

I am glad that Jake started this group, but I know he didn't mean it to be used for accolades for himself because he is one of the most humble young men that I have ever met.  However I am going to write some nice things about him and make him blush anyway.

I met EPJake through my friend EPJulio. Julio told me that Jake was "cool" and that I would like him.  I came to agree that Jake is "cool." 

From a professional standpoint, he does a fantastic job in my opinion of integrating himself into the infrastructure of the EP membership, giving us heads up on new projects/charities that EP is supporting, seeking our feedback via the greeting cards that he sends us asking for our opinions, and providing us with quick support when we notify him of a particular concern.  I count on EPJake many times to answer questions that I am unable to answer from new members, and he does so rapidly and without complaining as I realize this probably isn't his job. LOL

From a personal standpoint, I love this man.  He is genuine, compassionate, honest, articulate, humorous, cute as a button, hard working, and did I say cute as a button.


Seriously folks this place would not be the same without Jake, so if you haven't taken the time to get to know him please do.  I promise you will be better for it. I know I am.


fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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Yes he is flour..<br />
<br />
Rog, yes

thanks fungirl he is a talented young man and i knew that the minute i read his stuff.

I would love that. I spent the day with my family (yes I have been visiting with my family) and my grandmother kept telling me that I was way too serious. I was sitting in the freaking floor with her playing hi ho cheerio. My dad just sat there smiling at me. I never want to grow up. For those that do not know, my grandmother has Alzheimer's and she comes and goes as far as her mental understanding. Sometimes she thinks I am a little kid, and she wants to play the games we played as I was growing up. <br />
I made a new goal yesterday. My new goal in life is to live so that if I get Alzheimer's no one will ever know because I just always play like I am a little kid.<br />
<br />
Thanks Jake for being you. That is why we love you so much.

I don't just work at EP... I do a lot of playing too. You guys are way too nice to me. FGmmm, I want to be like you when I grow up... but can I ask you this instead: Do we have to grow up? Can we just be us... at this age... and be totally cool, just the way we are? I think that would be pretty good in my book if you are game!

Yes he does. He is a great guy.

You're welcome! I adore Jake and I never miss an opportunity to let him know this information or to make him blush lol.

Thank you very much for posting this, I knew he was cool, now I know how cool, sub-zero!<br />
<br />
Thanks again.