I Am Not An Narcissist... This Group Now Is Just a Fun and Funny Place.

So this is just a funny story to make you laugh... hopefully. Today I was checking on something and I accidently typed in my username to the HP when logged in and so suddenly a new group was created (a feature we are changing by the way guys) and so now there is an "I, EPJake" group. I did not create this because I am some vain megalomaniac... BUT before I could go through the admin functions to delete the group... one of my fellow EPeeps had shared a story. So I had to leave it up. Just made me chuckle and let me give a shout out to MissBebe (thanks for the props, it really does mean a lot to me) who pulled off said whammy!

EPjake EPjake
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9 Responses Mar 5, 2009

Lol, actually, to be honest, I think I have referred to you as the "that crazy greeting card guy" or something just about like that. But then I'd always be quick to say "But he means well and he's doing so much good!" or something to balance the equilibrium (damn angel on my shoulder! *flick!*)

Not at all! You have helped out a few of my friends and they sing your praises. I have seen you around a little bit and have been meaning to make friends with you! Thanks!

OK... just scary that my reputation is that pervasive. Hopefully it's not associated with EPJake... oh, he's that crazy greeting card guy!

Your reputation reaches far and you're appreciated for all you do!

No such thing as too good for you Jake. You really are a good brother to us all.

It's all about keeping up appearances. You are too good to me.

The love, I will take Marji. I will take it as long as you have it to give!

OK. Maybe I did want the lovefest. I admit it. ;)

Oh, yes. We all see EPJake.<br />
<br />
Some times you can crack me up. You possess the skills many of us do friend. '-)