The Secret

There was a joint family who lived peacefully. When I visited them briefly, I couldn't make out but one day, the youngest daughter pulled me to one side and told me a secret.
There were four brothers with their families residing under one roof. But, two of the wives were actually sharing other's husbands. At first, I thought the girl is just making it up. However, she asked me to help her.
I asked her? what is your problem?
She said, 'My real father wants to be on his bed!"
I was like..shocked beyond the limit. I asked her to involve her mother, to which she replied..she is the one sharing husbands and now that she is getting old and the daughter is now young, the men are after her.
I think, joint family system may have good points, but this problem is really serious. I told her, that I can not just barge in and confront, but I can just make her come and stay with me, till she gets her admission in a boarding.
I warned her, that life is not easy when your family is foe. She, lost her virginity but pulled herself, and finally after sometime she has settled abroad.
I never asked her, if she shared her dark past with her husband..I dare not.
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Nov 29, 2012