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Full-on Erection During Massage!

Just wanted to share my experience from my last massage. I go regularly for theraputic massages, there's nothing erotic about it. My therapist is a nice young lady. I'm always naked for my massages, but fully draped with a sheet. I usually spend the first half hour on my stomach, and the last half on my back. So during this massage while I'm on my back getting my neck and shoulders worked on, I could feel that I was starting to get an erection. I didn't get too worried about it, as it didn't feel like a full erection, and I thought that the weight of the sheet was keeping held down. Over the course of about 15 minutes, I could feel it getting hard, then soft, then hard again, probably about 6 or 7 times. So she finished the massage and left the room so I could get dressed, and I was still hard at that time. When I looked down, I realised that the sheet had done nothing to hide my erection - it was standing straight up with a nice big tent going in the sheet! I then realized that she had watched me go from soft to full hard over and over, while I had thought it was just moving around a little bit. I was so embarrased! I got dressed and then she came back into the room so I could pay for massage, and I said, "I'm really sorry for what was going on down here (motioning to my crotch area), that's never happened to me before". She was really cool about it and said not to worry, it happens quite often, and that it just means the massage was good as it got my blood flowing well. I've since read on the internet that it's a very common occurance.

Anyways, while there were no sexual overtones at all during the massage, I must say I did find it quite exciting! I've never had someone watch me get an erection (even if it was covered by a sheet), let alone watch it 6 or 7 times! Can't wait for my next appointment!
droidy18 droidy18 36-40 2 Responses Oct 13, 2012

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This is why I would never go to any massage therapist unless It was clear up front that I'm going to get aroused by the massage and they better be ready for this.

I'm sorry but if you put your hands on my body and start rubbing me all over, well, someone's going to wake up and I have ZERO control over this. Sorry, it's just the way my body works!!

I don't get massages really ever. I went to what I believe to be a legit massage therapy business. I am an athletic male. My therapist was also a worries so far. During thigh work with me on my back...the therapist brushed against my penis and testicles a few times. I could feel myself swelling a bit and I could feel that I was not 100 covered by the sheet. The therapist then bent my leg up with my heel at my bum. At this point my very swollen..slid down my belly and onto my plain view I'm sure. The massage continued in that area for quite some time before moving to another area. My testicles continued to me brushed up against during the massage. My question is why didn't he make an attempt to cover me. I would not be opposed to a "release". Is it common for male massage therapists to jerk off other dudes?


I have had many massages from male therapists, but it is rare to find one who will jerk you off unless you're using a gay massage therapist. Then it's pretty standard. I had a body scrub at a Korean spa, and was raging hard while he washed my thighs and around my balls. He ignored it and just kept on scrubbing. Was a great experience though.