Middle Aged Rocker/blues Man

Music has always been part of me.  I regret not having spent 20-30 years of my life practicing my guitar.  In my late forties I must have hit the middle aged crisis and began to search for what I enjoyed doing.  I found music.  Thanks to an online friend that would constantly talk and play music, I rediscovered what was missing in my life.  I've been playing my guitar for about 7 years now and it's one of the greatest joys that I have.  I don't play for fame or fortune, I play because it gets me out of my work world and it adds excitement to my life.  After spenting most of my life trying to get ahead and acheiving a somewhat comfortable life, I can now dedicate time to this wonderful pastime.  I do have a few other hobbies that rival my love of playing the guitar, but right now I'm excited about how far I've come as a guitar player in such a short period.   
northbeachbum northbeachbum
56-60, M
Apr 6, 2007