The Center-piece - Part I

I was relaxing under the shower until my cell buzzed. I thought, who must be texting in the night at 9pm. It may be Ella asking for some help, Mark venting out about his new girl friend or Cossack finalizing the event list. I quickly got out of shower while trying to guess who-must-be. It was a text from Klaudia that made me smile. I almost yelp "hurray" like a kid getting his Favorite Candy. I was pleased to see her finally giving to my request for attending the weekend's meetup. She asked me to pick her up from her sister's house on Saturday night. I was already typing her big 'Thanks' without sounding too much excited. I didn't wish to engage into another conversation and then losing her on a silly argument. I had already failed in my prior three attempts. Next moment Cossack was notified about the "center-piece" of the weekend night. If not her, we had already settled on Ella, my NSA **** buddy who always played her part. Additionally, the group always looked to add new faces. What could be a better new face than Klaudia !

Saturday, I made few phone calls. It was monthly meet-up bringing together few like-minded people from all different paths of lives. Linda and Cossack were my assistant coordinators for the event. Ella will do anything for me. Big help came from Mark in booking the spot. Anita promised me to be there as she didn't make it last month. Saturday night at sharp 9, I was in front of Klaudia's sister's house and holding my car door for Klaudia. It took us 30 minutes to get to the destination. She talked about her sister's ever dragging divorce issue, her parents' expectations on helping her sister. She was very well dressed, a classy one certainly adding to her alluring beauty. My eyes caught her in the snapshot when she was walking toward the car. Black line jacket, black silk shirt, black pencil skirt at half thigh length, hairband with feathers and poppy flower all black. I am sure she must have matched the black color with her black Lacey bra and brief. She was wearing the same dress when we made our first love at her Hoboken apartment last month. I was sweetly surprised and pleased by her choice.

We stepped out of the car and made into the elevator that moved down to the basement. I could see Klaudia taking short breathing that turned quite audible inside the elevator. She was trying to hold herself. The female attendant at the door greeted us and Our entry was logged after we said safe. The attendant handed me a mask and one to Klaudia. She looked at me and I simply nodded 'ok'. The girl took off her coat and her silk shirt and pencil skirt off her body. I was deeply pleased to see her lingerie matching the black theme. Wearing the mask I guided her to a big room that was already occupied by most of all. Klaudia must have noticed everyone looking at the peacock feather stuffed into her mask. That signaled everyone about the "Center-piece" of the night. She was taken behind the curtain.
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Excellent part one.. love the details and the conversation..on to part 2..