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Well, I have had a few personal requests wanting to know what I like to wear, other than my wearing sexy and erotic lingerie as I have already mentioned in my previous story. First of all, I can say that I no longer dress conservative. I did up until I met my husband. After meeting him all I can say is that I went wild and my walk in closet is loaded. I like almost anything leather or denim. Dresses, mini dresses and thigh high dresses. Skirts too. Mini skirts and thigh length skirts. Has to be leather or denim and nothing else. Blouses? Those too and I prefer knit or crochet and nothing else. Has to be snug, too. Denim or leather shorts work well for me, but I have some spandex and pvc ones as well. They have to be short and snug. Very snug. Anyone who has read my previous story would easily be able to tell that jeans are high up on the list for me. They can not be hip huggers or low riders. Only high waist jeans will do for me. My favorites are my zip around jeans, Calvin Klein and Jordache. They have to be absolutely tight. If they are easy to get into, then no good for me. If they are a little difficult to get into, then still no good. If I have to struggle to get into them or have to lie down to zip them or have my husband help me get them on and zipped, and have that camel toe showing, then the fit is perfect! I also had a few pairs of zip around jeans custom made in leather. Underwear? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Under skirts and dresses, sometimes. Under jeans is a sometimes too. The same goes for bras. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.Almost always a shelf bra and leather is preferred. Well, I need something to hold up those silicone bags. Wilson's suede and leather halters are a must too.Most readers know about my lingerie addiction, so I will skip that department. Shoes? Well, I have about fifteen pairs of UGGs but those are mainly for the winter. The rest of the time is heels. Flats are a no-no for me. I practically live in heels. Five and six inch pumps in red, black, blue and pink. Platform spiked heel sandles are a favorite also. Most are from Prada, Demonia, Sexy Shoes, Pleaser and Dallas Heights.
I think I have answered anyone's questions and satisfied their curiosity. Any more questions?
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