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I am beginning to feel that posting my stories on EP are starting to be my entire life story. I have never wrote so much in my life as I do now and I don't even remember how ever wound up posting stories on EP to begin with. I don't remember if it was before or after I met my husband and it was probably because I was bored and just wasting time on the computer. Maybe it was just after or during the time I was getting a divorce from my first husband who was, without a doubt, boring. I cannot say that I am at all bored now, though, and it is all on account of my husband. I don't have a real job as I spend part of my day with him helping him with various things in regard to his businesses. We spend most, if not all, of the days together and it never gets old or boring. He tries, or rather we try, to finish up work by 4 in the afternoon and spend fun time. Fun time for us can be anything from going to dinner, movies, shopping or fun in the bedroom. As I mentioned in my previous stories, my husband is much younger than me and bedroom fun is high on his list of priorities. It is a priority to me too, but this guy is so full of energy, never wants to stop, and does not care where we are when he decides to get his hands all over me. Not that he turns me into some sort of pig or trash or would attempt something out in the open, but he is very predictable as well as being unpredictable. I am not complaining at all as I love him with all my heart and he loves me and when he starts with me I would be nuts if I said for him to stop or said I did not like it. Like yesterday. After work we both came home, showered up, got dressed and went out to eat. Dinner was nothing too fancy. Chili's to be exact. I, as always, dress the way he likes. I like dressing sexy for him too. My favorite tight jeans, heels, leather underwear and a light blouse. I made it through dinner relatively unmolested, which is shocking. Oh, he is good for rubbing my legs and my thighs with his foot, under the table. If the table is narrow enough he will try to reach underneath and grab for something else up between my legs, especially if I am wearing a skirt. He won't dare do this if people are watching and that is why he always requests a booth in a restaurant. The fun really started when we went to the movies at Menlo Mall. Went to see a late movie after doing a little shopping. In the theater we did not sit up close to the screen but rather in the back. Well, within maybe ten minutes of the lights going out and the movie starting, so did my husband. He did not, and never does, get rough. It started with him looking to make sure nobody was looking. Then it is a hand on my breasts, gentle rubbing, along with neck and cheek kissing. Before long my blouse buttons are undone and his hands are under my blouse. Then his hand eventually winds up down at my crotch and massaging away as he did with my breasts. Next he will try to get his hands down my jeans and start playing with my belly button. No, the jeans are way too tight. I was wearing my zip around jeans as usual and, as usual, he knows what to do. Just flip the zipper slide, unlock the zipper, and they will open up on their own. Got to stop them at the crotch. That is my job as he will let them completely open. Once the jeans are opened, then play around with my belly button, it's jewelry, and then it is on to my crotch. He can do this literally all throughout the movie. A few minutes before the movie ends all this activity will wind down and I will be a total mess. Soaking wet in the crotch, unzipped and unbuttoned. He will always help me get everything in order before the lights come back on, but I sill need to go to the ladies room to straighten up. Hair is a bit of a mess, lipstick a mess. Fix the mascara and the false eyelashes. Cannot do anything about the kiss marks all about my neck. Incredibly, this is all just a warm up for him for when we get home. He is ready to do it again, this time more serious. When I mean more serious I am talking about sex. In bed, living room, in the hot tub or in the pool. Doesn't matter to him. Does not matter to me either and I am not complaining at all. I was just wondering and had to ask him what drives him sexually so much and what ever attracted him to me. His answer was that he liked my personality, my honesty and thought that I was attractive. He likes that I am a redhead, tall, Irish, older and divorced. He said he wanted an slightly older woman, mature and in her prime. He wanted a wife and he wanted me. He got it, and I got all that came along with him. No complaints, just writing. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. No rude or negative comments as I don't want rain or clouds over my happiness!
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You are a lucky couple and so much in tune with each other. Sex is wonderful in an exciting relationship. Wish you a long sexy happy life together.

Thanks. I, or rather we, believe that sex is the best in a relationship when that relationship is built on things other than sex.

Thanks! Yes, we are both lucky. Despite the age difference, everything work out for us and we are totally compatible.