My Husband, Part 2.

Well, it is Sunday evening and just relaxing in bed with the television on, my husband next to me and the laptop on my lap. I am just waiting for something to happen, which something will for sure. I wrote yesterday about my husband and was hoping that someone out there has some insight as to what goes on in a man's head and what sexually drives him crazy, especially in my situation where as I am married to a younger man. And yes, he knows that I write and post my stories on EP and is fine with that. No harm and He trusts me and I trust him. Trust is the most important part of any relationship, especially in marriage.
Now, about this story being a continuation of my previous story well, it is. When I wrote yesterday in regards to my husband and I going out for the evening and his desire to always play around with me at almost anytime or anyplace, I was serious. Last night, Saturday, he did not get any play time with me as I had a nasty sinus headache. He is respectful of me, did not push the issue and took good care of me. This morning, maybe 3 am., he was up and was already starting. He started by putting his hand up my nightie and was rubbing my breasts and playing with my nipples. Worked his way down to my belly, played with that a while and finally wound up at my crotch. He is good with the foreplay and really takes his time. I won't deny that I like it, and it was not too long before he was on top of me and inside. I was a mess and the bed was a mess when this was all over. He is always very sweet and gave me a back, leg and neck massage with warm oil lotion. Really a whole body massage, and he does a great job. We could not stay in bed all morning as we had to make Sunday 7:30 mass. Got ready, attended mass, then came home. We had breakfast and had planned on going out early. After breakfast we got changed to go out. It takes him all of four minutes to change and for me, forty five minutes. Put on my blue leather bra, garter belt and thong. Blue leather skirt, my spikes and a blouse. We were getting ready to leave and he literally attacked me in the living room. He is gentle and would never get rough or hurt me, but when he is in the mood and wants to play, he really wants it. He wasted no time in getting me down onto the couch. The blouse was open and skirt was off in short time and he was on top of me. Pull the nipple pasties off and start licking the nipples, which only leads to sucking on them and trying to get an entire breast in his mouth. Will never be able to do that and if he tried any harder to so he would probably burst one of my implants. This is all going on while he is working on getting inside of me. Don't waist time removing the thong as he will just shove it off to the side and get in. Don't remove the heels either as he gets a kick out of mounting me and having sex while I am wearing heels. If possible, please wrap your long legs around my back and cross them. That is his request. When this finally was over, he was happy and so was I. But I was also sore, the couch and my outfit was a mess, and we were very late in leaving the house as I absolutely needed to shower again. I have no complaints, as I have stated in my previous stories, and am very happy in our marriage. I never dreamed, however, that a man could always be so sexually driven and active and attracted to and wanting to marry an older woman. Whatever goes on in his mind I cannot understand. I know that I am not just a plaything to him, and can bet that in the next hour or so he will be ready to start again.
Korrupted Korrupted
46-50, F
May 20, 2012