After Hurricane Sandy Continued

Well, I am tired of apologizing as apologizing has been a normal routine from my first marriage and I should have stopped that by now, but I apologize for my delay in continuing my story but we have been extremely busy with work, house work and getting ready for the holidays and vacation. As my husband does not mind me writing on EP and describing my and our life, he just reminded me that I had a story to continue. So, here I am again. Like I wrote earlier, I had hardly seen him for quite a few days after the hurricane as he was extremely busy with work, literally working around the clock. I did see him and, even though he was exhausted every evening, that did not ever slow down his sex drive. This is a guy who is ready all the time no matter how tired he is. I think that sex is all that is on his mind and being the older, sexy wife I am, it is my happy duty to please. Once things had calmed down a bit and business slowed to a more normal pace, I decided to take him out for dinner and dress sexy for him as usual. That special evening I knew that he would be home on time and started to get dressed early. I wore a special dress for him. I put on my ultra snug, thigh length Asian red satin dress that is embroidered in gold with oriental dragons and Asian women with fans and closed up the front with red buttons. A lot of buttons. I did my long red hair up in a tight bun and put two black and gold enameled chop sticks crossed thru my bun. I had on my next to nothing red satin thong, skipped the garter and wore my stay up black stockings and wore my six and a half inch heel red stiletto pumps. I did my nails earlier in the day, putting on my 14k gold finger nail tips on all ten fingers. Dressed for action and waiting for him to come home, which he did. Oh, my! He could have just attacked me right there, ******** me down and carried me off to the bedroom right there. He took a quick shower, got dressed, and we went out to his favorite restaurant for steak. Once there, in the parking lot, he decided to try to fool around a bit in the car as it was dark out and I guess I was a bit hard for him to resist. Within seconds he had popped a few buttons open on my dress and had had his hand down my crotch, was playing around with my navel, and was rubbing my breasts. I was getting aroused and I could see that he was too, but I quietly suggested to save this for dessert later. That was fine with him and I buttoned up, fixed up and we went in to eat. Maybe we waited a minute or two, were seated and we ordered. He could not take his eyes off me as usual and told me that I always look sexy and beautiful. Nobody else could take their eyes off me either as he pointed that out or, maybe everyone else was watching us as he decided to start playing footsies with me under the table after we both had a few drinks in us. Dinner was good as usual, the conversation was good and after eating and before leaving, I had to use the ladies room. I did not even make it into the ladies room as he followed me down the hall and once around the corner and out of eyesight, he gently grabbed me, pushed me up against the wall and was throwing himself on my, hugging me, rubbing against me and kissing me. He was getting me, as well as himself, all aroused. We had to leave before it got out of hand and go somewhere. I skipped the ladies room, secured my popped dress buttons, checked myself and we left. It all started over again in the car. He was getting all started up and could not wait to get home. Well, we never did get home as we made it about half way home from New Brunswick to Colts Neck when we stopped at a hotel we used to go to that has rooms with huge heart shape hot tubs. Yes, one of those hotels and he actually went out of his way to go there. He got a room for the night, not for just a few hours. It is one of those "quicky" hotels, but very nice, clean and modern. Got a room, parked the car, and he was in action the moment the door slammed shut. My dress was of in seconds. He undressed me and I was worried he would be wild, tug on my dress and either rip it or pull off buttons. No, he was gentle and took his time undoing all twenty or so buttons one by one. His preference is to undress me of everything but stockings and heels as he likes to have sex with me when I am wearing stockings and heels. I have no clue why, but actually like it and it is quite arousing. Forget the bra as I did not wear one and as for the thong, it was so tiny as to be of no matter and could just be bushed aside by something looking to get past it. The chopsticks were out of my bun and my long red hair was let down to my waist and I was quickly down on the heart shaped bed with satin sheets. My husband was immediately on top of me and it was dessert time. I did not keep track of time, but he had to have spent at least an hour or so kissing me all over my body. He always starts at my ears, works his way down to my neck, spends a lot of time on my breasts, has a fetish for my navel and my toes and finally saves the best for last, finishing and spending so much time at my crotch. Don't want to get too descriptive, but he can spend over an hour there before He is inside me and I find myself getting very sore and wore out. He has so much energy and can just keep going and going and never stop. It did stop, after what always happens when a man is inside a woman, and both of us were satisfied. There has never been a need for me to fake anything and he knows it. After that, and a bit of cuddling and kissing, it was time for the hot tub. Kicked off the heels, pulled off the stockings and jumped in the hot tub. Get it hot, turn on the jets to make some bubbles, pour some wine and watch a movie. That is, watch a movie until he has a few glasses of wine in him and is ready to have fun in the hot tub. We never went home that night but stayed the whole night. Yes, that next morning he was on top of me and inside me before the sun even came up. After that, we had to shower and go get breakfast before heading home. Yikes! That was long. I think it is time for us to have a bit of dinner now. While I was writing my Husband was putting up some Christmas decorations outside. We will finish decorating our Christmas tree tonight and call it an early evening. Like that will really happen! An early night? Never! Anyhow, If I do not write post anything before Christmas, then I will after we get back from a long overseas trip we are going to take after Christmas. I mentioned that in one of my previous stories and the trip includes a visit to my family back in the country I came from. Ireland! I love my husband so much, the age difference has never mattered, and I could never have been more fortunate or happier! To all, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!
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Dec 16, 2012