My First Tickle ******

I remember the first time I came for a woman as she tickled me. I have always been turned on by being tickled, even before I knew what it meant. As I got older I realized that I associated tickling with sex, but it seemed weird so I never let on to others that I liked it.

One night I was with a beautiful woman, blonde hair, and full sexy breasts (breasts have always been another huge turn-on of mine). She was riding me like a cowgirl, and I was enjoying playing with her lovely breasts as they bounced seductively above my face. In a flash of bravery I decided to ask her, "will you tickle me?" She didn't seem surprised and after a moment she let one of her hands drift down to my side and began lightly tickling my side and armpit. The sensation was incredible! My penis, already erect and inside her, grew even more. I felt pleasure rippling through my body more than I ever had, and I found it impossible to stop pumping my hips. Simply by tickling my sides and armpits she controlled me like a cowgirl might control the movements of a horse.

She noticed my reaction, and how much I was enjoying her touch. It seemed to turn her on too, having that much power. She smiled a wicked little smile and leaned down with her lips close to my ear. She let out a soft, sensual giggle as she said, "someone has done this to you, haven't they? They enjoyed making you squirm beneath them like I'm doing now, didn't they?" The confidence in her voice, the pleasure she was taking in tickling me, and the pleasure I was feeling being tickled was too much....I came immediately as she whispered that. She smiled down on me with the look of a conqueror. I have never felt so good in my life as I did in that moment. It was electric!

Since then I have been helpless to a woman who knows how to use her voice and her hands like this lady did. It was my first experience with tickling and sex, but not my last. ;-)
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Hi ksmith7070.

While being tickled so many things are possible. Being tickled by that special person is more often than not a beautiful experience, as they take you to those high places. It is a real turn on and the start of the journey to where it does happen. Kay.

Thanks Kay, I completely agree. Have you found that special someone to tickle you, or do you prefer to be the ler?

That sounds like it'd be too close to painful for me to