Stupid Lie

Few minutes ago the doorbell rang.
My little bro went to see who it was and told me it was my friend B.

I was dreading it.
When I got the results of that test-that-went-bad, he had texted me that he's giving all of us who had a treat. For not making into that college. Don't go all awww for me having such a caring friend, he's one of the most satirical and hilarious people I know. His text contained a dancing smiley and a song's lyrics which include stuff like our friendship's an example and we'll never leave each other and blah blah.
I felt so humiliated that i didn't even reply.

Anyway, he noticed that i've had my hair cut and also noticed other things.
A pimple on my cheek had just popped and i guess blood had dried up there too.

I said it was a pimple. He told me on which thousandth number I stood and I told him 3847. Couldn't look at him. Man it felt bad.
He told me to get new books and stuff because I'd be returning to my dear old junior college with him and the rest of the circle. Except for U of course. He's made it into the airforce(he had applied with me in february.. I discovered i'm colourblind. No awws here either. I love all colours and can see them)

Anyway, he told me he was returning from a weddding and had seated all of his family in two taxis and sent them home before realizing that he had to go with them too and was the only one left standing behind. Teheehee, he's my friend after all. Birds of a feather.

Then he went on about how i don't reply to his texts(what? i don't feel like it) and why do I keep switching between my new and old numbers and stuff like that.

But then he noticed it.
The scratches..
Ta Da!

I was dreading that too. He saw the scratches on my neck. And slowly started making guesses.
I told him it was a tree(hehe. This is the stupidest lie I've ever told)

He asked me what I had been doing with that tree.

I said errr nothing

and he started laughing. And I laughed too. Longer than him as usual.
He told me he's going to have a longer chat about this issue at college when everybody else is there too and said goodbye and left.

He didn't get the joke, nya nya nya nya nya!
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Oh... this slip-of-thumb can, at times, be extremely scuppering. I text very less, so I'm safe. :D

What can i do? I couldn't think of a lie that quick. He notices things so much!<br />
<br />
No. Not exactly. The school hasn't opened yet.<br />
But the fame doesn't stop here. Few days ago, my sis wanted to send a message from my cell(we share that number) to one of her friends and sent it to one of my friend I by mistake. It was something like.<br />
"Hi (girl's name) When are you coming next time? Reply right now"<br />
I asked me what was this all about and i said it was for someone else. He sent a reply with a winky smiley that said "I get it"<br />

It was a tree; yeah guys can be really lame with lies/excuses :P<br />
Like this guy was in a fight and got his cheek hurt quite bad. A few days later, when he met his girl and she asked, he told it was the door of his kitchen's cabinet that he pulled into his cheek :P good part, his kitchen cabinets don't have swinging rather sliding doors :D<br />
PS: You would be a famous guy by now :D

Oh Kay :)<br />
I think now is the time to tell.<br />
I had a pretty serious fight the day before which had given me scratches on my neck. arms, fingers, feet etc but my dear friend B saw them and the bleeding pimple on my face and thought they were umm some 'other sort of' scratches. Now don't pretend you don't know what other means here. Hehe.<br />
<br />
I lied that it was a tree. It was a stupid lie and he knew I was lying and he had guessed the other meaning and i just know he has spread rumors because he always keeps texting to everybody.. :P<br />
<br />
When school opens, he said he was going to have a longer chat about those scratches but thankfully, they're just little white lines that aren't really visible.

True, no one can. I didn't :P

Teheehee, no one can get this joke. :P