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Where oh where would I be without my books?

While sitting at my mother's bedside in an intensive care unit, my sister arrived and stated, "Figures you've got your nose in a book again!"  My mother was sedated and wasn't aware of her surroundings, but I was concerned if she did awake she would feel alone or afraid, so I passed the time reading.  Since when did reading become a crime?

I have been stranded in a storm, "patiently" waiting for a doctor to arrive to keep an appointment I had made months in advance and I could go on and on listing instances when I have escaped, yes escaped into a book.  Fiction, non-fiction, or just a book of crossword puzzles, I don't and I won't leave home without one!

I might be late getting to where I'm going but my books are worth their weight in gold.

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2 Responses Feb 20, 2009

You can distract and relax with a "friend" in book form, or you can huff and puff and obsess while waiting... <br />
<br />
I'd much rather find the distraction

I agree %100, AM.