Life Is Hard But Thats Why I Like To Escape It

I escape reality by watching lots and loads and loads of anime and play sims2 its far better sometimes when things just get to much to handle.the anime world seems wonderful and i sometimes wish i could touch the computer screen and just transport myself into the anime im watching and just stay there and never come back to earth.

In SIms2 everyone seems to be perfect.
missXbonzo missXbonzo
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3 Responses Jul 22, 2010

anime is the best escape in the world other then video games, well for me personally anyway would be the perfect thing to just enter there world of magic and may seem a little childish but i watch ff7 or hack.//roots before i go to bed some gets my imagination flowing then i ether have awesome anime like dreams or i dont sleep at all which unfortunately is pretty common for me these days :S

I can really identify with wanting to enter a fictional world, or bring people from there into this world, or becoming a fictional character [or at least entering thier body]<br />
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I'd love to escape this world so much. Maybe it's up to us to search out what we like in fantasy in the real world

We all need to have an escape route, you have obviously found yours... I had the first Sims years ago, I think I gave it to one of the grandkids.