My Sanctuary

From youth to now, I have a place in my mind and a person.  There is a spacious grassy aera with a beautiful walk through garden and fountains.  There are stone benches to rest upon with engravings.  the texture is granular.  The place is serene.  The man is well dressed in a tuxedo, a classical style.  His name is Raschael.  I have never heard of this before and I doubt I ever will.   I have even tried to google it and nothing has come up.  He is about 6' but not quite.  He is white with brown hair parted on the side and slightly longish.  his eyes are brown as well.  His body is average and lips thin/avg.  There is also a gazebo like thing there...away from the garden walk is not a gazebo...but i am unsure what you call this structure.  it is white marble...polished.  there is much solcialization there and smiles , laughter and music!  the music is live and kinda like big bandish..similiar to the old lawrence welk show.  the dancing it all couples in arms of another with laughter everywhere.  he has danced with me many times there.  there is a large fresh water lake nearby.  you may gaze upon from a large hill everything seems to reside on.  you would know you are on a hill as everthing is flat up here...but when yo gaze is a gentle sloping down to hike to the water's edge.  the trees nearby you may explore in as well if you choose.  there have been times when i have held Raschael standing irl with arms up around his neck and you can feel his warmth and leaning into him...i nevr fell forward.  The mind is a powerful thing.  I am glad I am not the only one with this.

typoquene typoquene
41-45, F
Feb 22, 2010