i very gradually realised how squashed i was in my marriage,my husband would :take care: of that.. which at first i found lovely but soon realised it was actually a control thing. I went from being a feisty young lady to a lady who earned well and handed over every penny.I used to say food shopping cost more than it did just for pin money..I had to write on bank statements what id spent.. anyway it was the birth of my son that "woke me up". Suddenly here was something i was really good at in my own right.. the worst wqs the utter heart sinking dread when half past five drew near and husband would be coming home..Id dress my son up and we d go out, walking for miles alongn  the beach just to avoid being home.. the point is. i got out, and have never ever been happier. My son at the age of three. a week after husband left told me the whole house feels better now.. enough said.So if its for the sake of the children that you are enduring the same.... dont.
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I wholeheartedly agree w/ you..no one should stay n a bad marriage "for the kids"...ive been tryin to get a job for yr now..after 14 yrs as a sahm..am slowly regaining my idependence..i never wholely suppsorted us ..but I helped i USED to have a life... a salary..now tryin to gt back on my feet again..its a LONG road...

thanks guys, life s got better and better since, and ex has re married and happy too.. so was all for the best x

Glad you got out! I've been saying for years "don't stay married 'for the sake of the children,'" but very few people actually get feedback from the kids that they did the right thing. I wish you and your son all the best in your new life. (((BIG HUGS)))

Good for you ..best wishes for a bright future ahead..<br />
No one should make you feel so controlled and scared.