The Corner Service Station After Dark

And so...upon noticing I had nothing to drink I had the crazy idea to go to The Corner Service Station .. where upon entering you run the risk of staying until someone else comes in the door.. I had a thought... (NO You don't need to go.... its Thursday... who goes on a Thursday at 11.30pm ?? )  Hmmmm People like me... who are thirsty and in need of a snack..thats who..someone who would run the risk of entering and not knowing when they will be home.....Thats who...  So I left my house .. street light flickering my boots clacking.... rain... no rain ( just setting the mood )  The Corner Service Station appeared empty.. looking in the window I tried not to noticed the relieved expression on the face of a person desperate to escape...Yes .. I thought to myself... I have come to set you free... The doors opened and they made quick their escape... no time for thank yous...just a nod of understanding. So i entered and went to the fridge... ( I knew I had time... Plenty of time ) got the drink and a pack of chips and went to the counter.. Just these please I say... ( Don't make eye contact..don't make eye contact... CRAP !!  I made eye contact ) are you ? Its been a while since i saw you last...was it last year... hang on.. oh yes I think June 2006 .. ha-ha i never forget a face...its been a long day here...oh he-he its night...... you know I'm not married ? you know anything about Nano technology?  did you hear about the missing trucks that all you see is dust then...nothing...  Did you know that Blah blah  (He Still hadn't scanned my stuff !!...I looked outside...Please someone.....anyone...enter the Corner Service Station .....) Hey did i mention I'm not married...but my brother is..he's great...havnt seen him in a while... do you like pictures? Oh i like these chips..did you know we had someone in earlier..I think Tuesday..they brought the same pack...isn't that funny ?? my mum likes chips... I was still holding the $20 ..... when the doors suddenly opened... Yay !! and ever so quickly the transaction done and I was free... I nodded my thanks to the unsuspecting couple... thinking... Oh he will have fun with you and off I skipped home... and for all i know they are still there...trapt ... waiting for someone else to open the door to the Corner Service Station..... waiting to be set free
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3 Responses Apr 12, 2007

A lady that works at my corner store loves to chat.<br />
She talks to every person that walks in the door.<br />
Sometimes the line will be 10 long and you will just have to wait.<br />
I hear there is one for every niebourhood.<br />

Amusing story.

Interresting story. I've never had to deal with a cashier that wouldn't shut up. I can see how extreamly annoying that would be though. I never know how to try and end a conversation with someone who just talks and talks. I don't want to feel rude, but I don't want to talk to them either. Next time, try thinking of an excuse before you go in as to why you are in a hurry to leave... say you're late for... something?