Did I Ever Leave ??

<See previous story>    I have a new neighbour .... AND ITS THE SERVICE STATION MAN !!   O M GAWD !!!!!    Need to breathe ... cant be happening .... ARGHHHHHHH
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Hell Yeah !! I waited till dark to take my garbage bin out yesturday....

I felt like that once. Turned out just to be gas, and needing to pee. So, be careful! Don't stray too far from the bathroom!

MWAHHH HAHA HAHAH HAR I am feeling ever so evil ....

YOU'RE AN EVIL MASTERMIND... of servo terrorising. Your new neighbour is the one who should be quaking behind his security grill!!! FEAR her. That apple one is just nefarious.

And yet they are the first to give " The Look" when they are the ones digging for change ..... OOOO I know another wicked thing to do ... just buy One apple and give then $50 Mwah hahaha hahaha

hahaha! I do that!! And sometimes you get the blank and deeply puzzled looks from them, that last a good half hour. And then sometimes they try to hand you back the coins you just spent five minutes digging out to reduce *their* work. *sigh*

Hehehaha Yes the mind is a terrible thing to waste !! I feel totally wicked even thinking of being so.... so... hehe I love the looking for change thing... I think i might just do that .... OH oooh you know what i hate ? ( Tell you anyway ) ... when your told " that'll be $12.50 thanks " so i give them $20 + $2 + 50c (if i dont have a 10 ) .. u know thinking im making it easier for them and they look and say " You've given me too much !?! ...... What THE ???

*horror* You're the Original Service Station Nightmare!!!! Wow. Pure, unadulterated evil! You're also clearly the person who stands up at the front of the line unable to find the right change for fifteen minutes, leaves the ice cream freezer open, and never returns the key to the loo! Perhaps this is some sort of karmic pay back?!?!?

ARH Yes .. Better than walking in and reading all the mag's putting them back with the chips... or holding the door open to the cool room whist picking a drink & then not pick a drink ... or grabbing a pie and heating it in the oven & just leaving it ... or scratch my arse & pick my nose and then touching all the chocolate bars at the counter .... hmmmm oh ... I feel so wicked !!!!

You just moved.... AWAY from the servo?!??!?! Ahahahaha! Oh no!!! Now the service station has come to you! That's not exactly the sort of service you want in this case :P *racks his brain desperately* What do servo guys absolutely hate?? Maybe you could make a preemptive strike and asking to use his bathroom and then leaving rotten eggs in there? OR... take to wearing a balaclava, bad tracksuit and carrying a sawn-off? I've heard that even non-fussy servo types are a bit bothered by people fitting that description!

The trick here is not to panic .... and dont make eye contact ..... He dosnt look like the ' Fussy Kind ' !! I cant believe it .. i just moved over a week ago ..... AWAY from the service station ... HaHa I KNOW ... yup I see what happened .... Geepers... when i made that wish i wasnt very specific in what i was asking for ... LOL

Ummm. Errrrr. Padlocks? More deadlocks? Pet gorilla??? Talk loudly to yourself about all your Sexually Transmitted Diseases??? A handy disguise?!?!?!? Initiate discussions with him about how you're about to start a sex change program beginning with testosterone shots? SHAVE YOUR HEAD AND GROW A MUSTACHE??? :(