So Sad

i was conceived in a drug treatment facility, drug around to every drug house til my aunt gained custody of me,i was kidnapped and yes i actually remember the events.being locked in a bed room all day long,i got out once and nobody was there i was 3 yrs old and so hungry i walked out back door and ate rotten cherries that had fallen to the ground,when i was kidnapped i watched them run over my aunt in the car i was in.2 months later i was spotted and the police took me home.i lived with my paternal aunt and her husband from then on would always say she was coming or sent something in the mail. but she never showed the gifts came but they were from my aunt cuz she didnt want to see me with a broken heart so dad was nowhere in the picture and mom kept on tormenting me with her excuses and lies. my uncle at home was very abusive,dad shows up has more kids stays in my life,i been in and out of treatment,jail,prison.carried guns was a gangmember, watched 2 homies die 1 in my arms,boyfriend who strangled me while i was pregnant and left for dead,dad committs suicide april 15th 08 stepmother commits suicide 5 weeks later on may 18th 08 left my 7 and 9 yr old bro and sis.i was recently raped beaten tortured strangled by a 6'5" 420lb man till i jumped out 3rd story window shattered my arm.ive lost a great gram,2grandads 1grammy,16yr old cousin,father step moher and 12 30 yrs old.studying with Jehovahs people has been the most amazing,comforting experience it all makes sense we shouldnt judge what we dont know.I will b a baptised witness one day. i have changed my life tremendously since i have developed a relationship with Jehovah.quit meth,oxycontins and alcohol. no longer associate with gang members.i have a life now a place toi call home no problems with the law and super content and peacefull. its a beautiful feeling and i owe it all to Jehovah GOD. i hope i have touched one person
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So sad to read your story as your horrific life experiences made you the ideal target for this cult. Without a supportive environment during your developing years it is hard to learn how to make good life decisions later on. Best of luck but ....

You've touched me. I have a healthy skepticism with regard to organized religion but I know that the power of god is real and can transform a situation that seems hopeless, even within a disreputable cult for those that truly believe. Belief is the key.

I think this all sounds like cult like behaviour, I watched a programme today that had a couple on it that left the jehovah religion because as a scientist he had discovered that human remains had been found dating back further than possible in your religion. There family had shunned them refusing to even go to there wedding, I am a normal christian that believes in christmas and birthdays and easter and a god that gives free will to make our own decisions, I have a jehovah church near me and regularly get witnesses at my door in an attempt to convert me, if you do not agree with people leaving the jehovah religion then why try to get other people to join that is exactly what a cult does. Whilst your story is special and im very happy you found yourself I believe you did that with the gentle guidence from yourself .

What a wonderful story my friend! :D<br />
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I pray that you continue to build your faith in Jehovah God and his inspired word, the Bible. Read from it every day and let its principles guide your actions and decisions. It is that faith in Him which will help you overcome anything and everything that will be thrown your way. No matter what happens, always remember that Jehovah β€œis near to all those calling upon him.” - Psalms 145:18. Rely on him patiently for "none that rests his faith on him will be disappointed.” - Romans 10:11 :)

Your story touched me crazygreeneyes. I an not a JW but I made a commitment to Christ through a somewhat weird and extreme revival crusade. The family I stayed with were odd (like me). Most of them had been locked up in some kind of institution at one time or another. I gave 10% of my earnings as a 'tithe'. Anything less than 3 or 4 prayer and praise meetings a week was considered backsliding. It changed the way I dressed and the things I spoke about. We did not have a radio or TV in the house because those things are a worldly distraction from Gods Word and the spirit filled life. I was prohibited from associating with my old friends because they were worldly and therefore of the devil. I left one day without saying goodbye, moved to another city and hooked up with a more liberal denomination. My old friends did not like the changes they saw in me and did not want me back. They did not like the external changes they saw and thought I had gone crazy. They could not see I felt new inside. I rose up out of the waters of baptism crying like a baby. (Nobody can tell when you are wet all over). I sent some letters back to that family but never got any reply. I heard that church broke up because of a controversy among the founding members. I guess it was just my time. While I was there I always had a job and my own money. I quit smoking and other drugs. As scandalous and weird as it all was, it was the beginning of a new life for me.

There's no doubt some good can come out of changing your lifestyle. Helping and being helped by others. Whether you are Catholic, or really anti Catholic, it's hard to deny Mother Teresa wasn't a good person. Angelina Jolie has helped people! It's when a group of people start telling everybody ONLY THEY are the good people, implying that ALL THEIR people are wonderful and holy..<br />
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Sure there are wonderful, nice Jehovah Witnesses! That's not in dispute. What is in dispute is that there are bad, evil people in the Jehovah Witnesses too! Of that, I CAN witness! Evil people who got away with bad stuff, because they were Jehovah Witnesses. I truly believe you are better off with them, than your former gang member associates. But most people could join the boy scouts or girl scouts and be far better off than being with gang members, too.

Out there are all kinds of stories of peoples life how JW's changed their life for the good or for the worse. No one is forced to stay against there will while attending the kingdom hall of Jehova witneses . You assist the congregation voluntarly. Like all religions, faith in jesus christ or god u like to worship its up to u. The holy sc<x>riptures are written like the holy bible, but every mind twist them the way they like it, and make their own senses and definitions. I have met many JW's which are good people and there are the bad apples that give them a bad name and reputation. I have had real good experiences with them having a home bible study and attending services at local congregation, and on the other hand u have the bad apples trying to do their own things instead of following their rules, when i mean rules i mean following the 10 commandments, They want to change everything to their convinience.

ahh... the title read " I escaped Jehovah's witness cult " and with a headliner like "so sad" lead me to belive I was going to read a story about you running from the witness and joined the Mormons or something like that.... Now I want a refund! But on the better note, I am glad you got away from drugs and gang life. Maybe you should open a new group... " I posted on a - I ran off from a cult - But really I love them!"