Unashamed Of Leaving My Beliefs

I was raised in the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses by parents who, one was born into the belief and the other came into it by her parents as she was a little older. I do remember being very small and going to the Kingdom Hall, meetings, and memorials were all normal for me and outside activities such as birthdays and holidays or even interacting with school friends were very strange to me.

As I grew older, my parents attended meetings less, then eventually not at all. I didn't think much of that at first as they weren't overly social and my grandparents had moved a couple of hours away and we kids would attend services with them as we visited with them. The bigger conventions our grandparents took us too were always the most fun for us. I was all very exciting, as much as a family vacation then meeting so many others that were "like minded", added to the fun.

When I came to be old enough to think about dating, my grandmother couldn't have been more pleased for me to have met someone at one of these conventions. (The fact that he had money didn't hurt) This young man and I became brief pen-pals (pre-internet days), having a bit of a long distance relationship. Between coming to know this person and having my eyes opened to a great many truths about my father, it opened a great many doors of what was really going on in the world.

You see, being raised under the rule of this religion as well as my family being overly protective of me, I was a very sheltered child. I eventually started to see what was really going on with all of these people, my parents included. I came to learn that my parents didn't attend any longer as they had already had a falling out with some of the "Elders" vying for power within the congregation. I became aware of the secrets and overlooking of certain things with certain people and the damning of others that just weren't worthy. Hope of the Word became a book of lies. Trusted people were realized for who they really were and this was the biggest let down. As younger generations came up in the congregation it was more apparent of how political it all was. Of course, the more money one had, the higher regard they were held, my grandparents among them.

The traits of people to be forgiven or deemed as forever sinful differed depending on who you were among the community. Lectures and services were obvious, horrible hypocrisies. It became INCREASINGLY clear of why they teach to be completely “separate from the world”. It’s evident that “the devil’s playground” was full of truths that was best left hidden. Better to have as little questioning of faith as possible and condemn any who dared into the dreaded dark nothingness of eternal sleep. Better to hide away the facts of Elders lies and philandering, while teaching wives and daughters that they are barely tolerable and come second at best to these ‘un-worldly’ pigs and, these girls are brought up to be silent and grateful for having been saved.

I see many similar stories here and with others that have experienced this world, that truly is all in their own. Those that haven’t had their faith tainted, I think it’s great. I believe we should all have our hopes and faiths to hold onto, in whatever shape or form they come. I don’t believe others should be condemned for not agreeing that another’s path is the only right one. And I certainly don’t understand why Witnesses or any other “Christianized” (yes you are a Christian organization) religion would come here to a place where people are trying to find support within each other to knock them down even more. Why they feel it necessary to go out of their way to force their defensive opinion upon people who have already heard it in ways that have already pushed them away from their religion in the first place.
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My uncle was raised in the JW's. Ministerial servant, foot in the door of becoming an elder..Then they said something he totally disagreed with..next thing you know, he's basically a member of an anti-JW religion! There really is such a thing. He's been for a while Catholic, Born again, Baptist..since. My blood aunt, faithfully follows every change. He's not unique. A lot of them keep trying to find God..when the big secret is.. he isn't lost.. They are! They quit, but keep a lot of their teaching/programming in their heads. Thus finding all sorts of what they perceive as "mistakes" in other religions. I came to the conclusion..there is no perfect religion. There never was supposed to be. Interesting enough, Jesus didn't build any, did he? Nope, only after he was gone did they start popping up..is this so hard for people to grasp? That maybe, right after he left, human error and flaws started to creep in?

That's one of the biggest age old questions, isn't it? It's what divides all denominations. "How literal do we take the bible?" I think the bible is very interesting but, I don't put my faith into a bunch of stories as you said, that 'some senile old man told somebody'. <br />
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That's interesting about the born again group of ex-JW's. You are right, there are too many bad experiences out there to be isolated. There are some obvious serious problems with the organization that need to be addressed. And that's true with most organized religions. There aren't any one of them that are perfect. They just need to stop acting as if they are and looking down on others for not being perfection in their eyes either. You're right also about some good coming from them. It's funny, in a way, that blood transfusions are always the first thing people complain about with them.

There are literally millions of ex Jehovah Witnesses. I know of a local born again group that is comprised of hundreds of ex JW's.<br />
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I don't come on here to bash them. Until they are ready, you're not going to change a single person on earths mind. I offer my experience in support of people who have changed their mind, or are in the process. One of the old stand by excuses is YOU just had a bad experience at some isolated Kingdom Hall. Obviously from all these people, just on here, these are not isolated, rare events. <br />
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The Jehovah Witnesses have done some good things! Their staunch belief in no blood transfusions has led to many breakthroughs in using alternate transfusions. This is a fact! But lots of things in the Bible that God tells us to do are for our own good. The Bible also tells us not to eat animals with split hooves. It wouldn't surprise me in following years if they found some previous unknown disease/disorder was transferred by eating them. Enjoy that pulled pork sandwich though, you super strict Bible followers! Find me the sc<x>ripture where Jesus declares "Boy I love me some pork ribs!"<br />
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But you know, I've been searching for that Rabbit that eats his cud and so far can't find him. I've been trying to find that Whale that has a stomach a guy can fit in, so far no luck. But because a senile old guy supposedly told somebody, didn't write it himself, but told somebody to eventually write down that ALL sc<x>riptURE was right..there must be cud eating rabbits and whales with large open stomachs somewhere!