A Wonderful Thing About Wikipedia

For those of you unfamiliar with Wikipedia it tries to be unbiased. It has fact checking. If somebody disputes something on Wikipedia and can present facts, they'll change it. Like everything else in Satan's world, I'm sure it's imperfect. But they do try.

With this in mind look up Jehovah Witnesses on there sometime. They have FACTUALLY presented the history of the religion in depth. Something only the unrighteous would scream foul about. A huge portion of their links use WTBT writings. When you write 2 monthly newsletters for 100+ years it's pretty hard to dispute somebody when all they use against you, is your own literature! Your own quotes.

Now believe it or not the JW's have a ready made excuse for anything that they taught for 10, 20, 30-100 years now being found out to be incorrect. "New secrets will be revealed", "new knowledge"

This is like going on Jeopardy giving the wrong answer, Alex says ohh no I'm sorry that's incorrect you interrupt him and say wait a minute Alex god is giving me "new knowledge"

Alex looks at the guy and says "we're going to go with whomever's god gives him the right answer, the first time, sorry"
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2 Responses Jul 11, 2012

HERE HERE!!! Either Jehovah's using that red telephone in Bethel.. or obviously he ISN'T! Of course all of us on the outside could go on and on... :)

I'm glad you realized this before it was too late.