You Don't Need To Be In A Organization/religion To Do The Right Thing By Jehovah.

Well, I refuse to bring Jehovah in this conversation as ORGANIZED RELIGION IS A SIN. ALL organizations are WRONG. The Witnesses ARE an organization and ARE WRONG. Any organization that has a collection plate or asks for money in any way is a FALSE religion. It states that money is the root of all evil, THEN WHY ASK FOR IT? I belive in God Jehovah, and it sais his name is such. But do I belive the witnesses?.NO. I've studied with them and they force their opinion. 1 Peter 5: 2-3.... Shepperd the flock of Jehovah in YOUR care, not under compulsion, but willingly; neither for love of dishonest gain, but eagerly; neither as lording it over those who are Jehovah's inheritance, but becoming examples to the flock... And it goes on to say.... And when the chief shepherd (Jesus Christ) has been made manifest, YOU will receive the unfadable crown of glory.... And "YOU" means, the true belivers. People who have faith but refuse to be part of any organization. It is in my PERSONAL "belief or heart felt reasoning" that I whole heartedly believe that ALL religions are FAKE and MONEY SCAMS. I've studied religion and faith since I was a child being forced to go to Catholic church. I've looked in on all religions and they all lead to the same place. But the holy bible is the only one that was written over 2 thousand years ago and holds any kind of merit. But for just anyone....including the Witnesses.... Notice I don't call them the Jehovah witnesses.... as I believe it is a sin to use his name in coralation with ANY organized religion... it is WRONG of anyone to use the word of Jehovah for personal or financial gain. The witnesses answer to higher ups that are human....WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. I have my faith, I talk (pray) with Jesus in hopes that it makes it to His Father. But I will NEVER belong to any organization/religion. I only belong to Jehovah, and that is all. He has my heart, He knows I love Him and He loves me and that is all he needs. And with such in mind, it isn't hard to do what is right in life....and THAT IS THE POINT. As long as you believe in Him and Love Him, you just naturally do what is right, from the heart. THAT is the blessing of Jehovah....not any religion, including The Witnesses.
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U really think if the witness were this to gain financial gain the government would not have come down on me already? Lol I'm a financial planner and I've done work wit alot of religions and the Jehovah witnesses are one of em and if there is any religion not gaining economic gain cuz of organized religion or is the Jehovah witnesses .... Lol get ur facts straight before u go religion hunting

I agree i was disfellowshiped after i came back to the kingdom hall. I was lost having been out of this organization for about 12 years, i came back and confessed all of the things in which i had done during that time, the elders gave me a few weeks after which they met with me a second time to make a decision wether or not to allow me to be a witness again, until they asked had i still been smoking, i told the truth and said yes. Of course they made there decision to disfellowship me. When christ was here on earth he chose to walk with sinners to help them not disown them. I could still attend meetings but noone could talk to me

I agree! I still pray to Jehovah. In my prayers, I say.. I believe in you, but not JW's. There are to many things that this "organization" is not doing correctly. If it was God's kingdom on earth, it wouldn't have to become a legally incorporated organization in order to protect itself from lawsuits. It would work to RETAIN individuals under Christs yoke, as a Mother hen gathers' her chicks instead of always disfellowshipping people. The door to door ministry is to replace those that have been kicked out. A pyramid scheme if you will..

That is totaly not true. The bible does not say money is the root of all evil. It states The Love of Money is the root of all evil.