Elders, Untouchable, Touch Me And You Hurt God And You're Damned

I was raised in JW family with my mum joining
when i was 6.Loads of studies, 3 times a week
attending 2 hour meetings,loads of pre-prep for
those meetings, where the bible and the organisations
literature is read out loud and questions contained
in the literature answered by the Audienceand 8 hours
ministry work a months(yes, the door knockers).
Yes da whole shebang.

Then the Cover up
One elder abused his power on me with intimidation
techniques, entering my personal space, provocation,
slander ; and his wife(20 years younger no kidz) who
let my small sisters come to their place to study,
without my mothers knowing the kidsz(8,11,13) got
beaten up consistently which carried on even to the
Sects meeting place, where the kidz got beaten in the
toilets; until one day the kidz opened their mouth and
stuff came out.

We called those elders together to have this resolved,
and they quote a bunch of scriptures, that say forgive
and forget, we are all human, we are all children in gods
eyes, ladi dadi da, bla bla bla, they denied it eventually
from ever happening and we were told to ''shut it''
because bohoo bohoo(lol) we could get disfellowshipped
and ex-communicated and branded apostates(which to them
is like 2nd worst to an Anti-Christ), after all Touch us and
you harm God >>.

So we tried telling the members, they would not even
entertain such a thought, and made us look like evil slanderers.

It is a Sect no doubt:
1. Elders are above their members, even their opinions
   are absolute,    and they self-regulate within their place
   of meeting called the kingdom Hall.
2. You must eventually abandon all your friends and
    family who are not members, and instead the
    congregation (who consist of old farts and and their
    kidz),will be your new friends in a congregation of an
    avrg. size of 90 people.
3. You must follow everything the elders say, and your
    opinions are not valid,    wanna grow sideburns? Forget
    it, Clean-cut for u ma boy. The assumptions of the JW
    organisation regarding the bible must be made your opinion too

4. The members follow their elders without question; and
    CANNOT conceive of them, Oh let's say BEATING
    their children, after which of course, its all secrecy,
    and what i mentioned in my story above.
5. Even though just around 80 years old, this JW
    Organisations Chiefs CLAIM HEAVEN TO 
    THEMSELVES, were they will continue to
    Dominate their members!? LMFAO
6. Oh did i forget to mention that a suit is compulsory,
    and every year 2-3 need to be added to your closet?
7. And yes, they believe only THEY CAN BE SAVED,
   and everyone else gets Obliterated.

Sounds similar to the HEAVENS GATE Cult of the 90s, it shocking similarities
i will let you have the joy of reading THAT story.

Anyway i eventually left with the age of 21, and i Felt BETTER, an healed with time,
and was able to continue my research into God, and to continue as a Christian.
Sadly th rest of the family could not escape the Psychological Hold this people have on them.

It's important when people go through such experiences, NOT to blame God for this, but the
Foolishness to blindly Trust people, no matter how long you know them always watch your back.

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You keep mentioning that 80 years number as being the length of the JW's existence. I can only assume that's what they're claiming nowadays. Perhaps you need to start here...


I don't spend my days monitoring the JW's like my ex-elder uncle did, becoming an anti-Jehovah Witness crusader, so I'm not up on everything they're doing to re-write their history currently, but this guy was their founder. I realize why they're slowly trying to expunge him from their history, he was a P.T. Barnum of religion. He was himself a disvowed high level Mason who wanted his own religion and simply transferred their beliefs to his own groups with tweaks and his own Ideas. He's buried with a marker that's a pyramid with all sorts of transmasonic/JW symbols all over it.

People who quit the JW's often hold onto many of the cults beliefs, similarly. Basically joining another religion, but in the back of their minds holding onto many of the ingrained teachings. Just like ol Taze when he formed his own religion from the Masons.

Up until the 40's their literature was still hawking some of his crazier ideas. Like Holy healing wheat, everybody who stays long enough is anointed, pyramid power, and a lot of Masonic beliefs.

Now there were many mass exoduses from the main group and offshoots emerged over the years, but the governing body of the JEHOVAH Witness cult has ALWAYS been called the Watchtower Society since 1881. It's like saying Kreski's had nothing to do with K-mart or Carroll's restaurants didn't become Burger KING.

jehovah witnesses is not a cult.

Well said, thx

Too many 'latch onto what they think the Bible says and then convince the trusting naive into becoming follower's then they start to 'feel they have the power to lay down laws of intimidation and control over the lives of others which is of itself an evil l feel.The truth is much of the Bible is made up of the interpretations and ideas of King James and his scribes anyway.