Elitists And As Mad As Heavens Gate Cult

They are mad as theHeavens Gate Cult
Nutters that believe that only they can receive Heaven
and Paradise, and everyone else gets Obliterated.

JW are Elitists ,their organisation is only around 80
years old, and then use some sentences in the bible
talking about ''little flock'', and Voila, suddenly only
they can receive gods Heaven and Paradise and
EXACTLY THAT Psychological Force they will use to
Scaremonger their members into doing whatever they say.

If you don't believe in this Bullcrap, you will notice
quickly that they have NO power over you, and since
you don't believe their crap, you're FREE to go; as
staying will only bring you the anger of the rest of
the members. They will try and convince you, that
leaving will cause your PLACE in Heaven or Paradise
to be Lost; and if you still not giving in; They will make
you feel like you DUMB to no ending, illiterate and the
IQ below.

The Arrogance! They want to convince YOU,that you're
an IDIOT, a Dim Boy and ONLY they Understand the Bible.
They IQ = 168 , Everyone else IQ = 2.0

Well, after they tell you, you'll loose your place in
Heaven or Paradise from leaving their tiny 80 year
old Organisation; YOU must recognize you got born
into a SECT!

The Sole purpose of translating the Bible into english
and all other languages is so that YOU can make your
own mind up,and confirm whatever the pastors ect. are
telling you.

But even if you know the Bible well, you need to be
Skeptical of the Bible itself, as it's NOT and inspired word
of God, but a Collection of Books from a LARGE Library
of books,

individually Assessed by early Groups of Christian who
at the time, claimed main control of Christianity, even
tough there were several different versions of Christianity

Knowing things like this and further, gives YOU more Power
of understanding and keeps mad people like Jehovah W. away.

In short, they knock on your Door?
Say wait a minute, CLOSE the door
and let em wait-------------- woahahahaahaha
IsawIThoughtIRanTheOtherWay IsawIThoughtIRanTheOtherWay
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

I believe in being fair even though I agree they are a cult. They have been around a lot longer than 80 years. Every cult is attractive because only they're members are "getting it" and are going to be the ones that are saved.

Every time they post on the internet they are breaking their own religions policy. You'll often find them saying that's not true, because they are ignorant of that policy, but it's been posted (their policy on this) countless times. I understand why they don't want their flock doing this, they very often sound like uneducated morons when they do post. I always like to ask them to ask an elder if they think they're doing good, which often leads to them removing their account from experience and eliminating their posts. It's right in their elders handbook. If they come back and lie about it, you know you're dealing with an armchair JW who probably doesn't even go to meetings.

As far as arrogance, cults prey on people who think only they get it, Tom Cruise for example, feels he's the smartest guy on Earth, and doesn't mind telling people that he is.

The Book known as the Bible was compiled by a non believing Pope who understood if you can't beat em(the Christians) join them, and take over from within. Which is exactly what he did. To constantly quote this book that says Rabbits chew their cud, as being perfect is laughable.

With their overt arrogance and cookie cutter knowledge it is easy to get very mad at their ignorance. I choose to feel sorry for them instead. You will never be able to reason with them until they themselves are on the fence. It's like trying to tell a young man who everybody can see is in a very manipulative relationship, with a girl whose just using him that she's trouble. Good luck with that while he's using the little brain between his legs.