Free At Last!!!!

I was one of Jehovah witness cult from age 19-30. It was 11 years of pure hell!!!! now, I'm a born again Christian. I felt so happy and free. I got my freedom back and Definitely got my life back!!! Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty I'm Free at last!!!!     P.S. To anyone whose in the Jehovah witnesses cult, get out in the name of JESUS! I've been through so much demonizing, unscriptual, full of $#%! So-Called "True Religion" it's unreal. I've been ridiculed, bullied, depressed and thoughts of committing suicide. This is a cult! If you see a pair of Jehovah's witnesses on the street, go the other way. If you see them come knocking on your door, DON'T ANSWER!!!! Celebrate your freedom. Celebrate your holidays and Definitely celebrate your birthday. And please go out and vote, your heart and your voice should be heard. Not through watchtower and bible tract society!!!!
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2 Responses Feb 15, 2013

It's SO liberating! I was in a cult, called "the Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research". What a liberating feeling to come to the REAL Jesus Christ!

I still have my grief & depression, too. I'm still emotionally scarred by my abuse experience.

Here's my YouTube video about it.

They are very good at making a person feel that they don't deserve to live. It's an extremely abusive environment especially for women. I'm very glad to hear you are doing well now! Walking away takes a great deal of strength & courage. Be proud of that!

thank you so very much for the encouraging words!!! and thank you for being my friend. yes, if I can walk away from the abusiveness as a woman, then any woman can walk away from this.