It Kills You Slowly

I cried today, after the 'Silentlambs' accounts of child s*exual abuse within the Jehovah's Witness cult.

Thank God the media in America were able to expose them for their shielding of p*aedophiles.

My own father is still one today, and never got disciplined by the 'elders/priests' for abusing me at 3 or trying to r*ape my half sister, 9.  Not a thing done, despite his 'confession' - (but really he got caught when my mother saw it, and I started talking at school)

Yet, he got 'disfellowshipped/excommunicated' for 'fornication/umarried s*ex' with 2 women in the congregation.

Punished for normal s*ex, but child abuse was okay.  That just shows you what their priorities are.  

They have a list of p*aedophiles that they keep secret.  Members and victims are discouraged from going to the Police under the excuse: 'Don't bring reproach on Jehovah's name' - (yet doing it in the first place, isn't that a 'reproach'?????)

They are far more concerned with keeping these things hidden, both internally AND outside.  If the 'whistle gets blown' they throw YOU out.

If you refuse to keep the silence they demand, and others leave, they blame YOU!!!! 'for 'the loss of ex-members lives at Armaggeddon'

- Oh, so God is angry with us?  Not our abusers?  Would he rather see children suffer?  Does HE think child abuse is ok?  Apparantly, as long as it's kept a secret... (from the Police too) and no-one leaves...

So, let's get this straight.

THAT'S the reason God hates me..... and members are leaving....because WE did wrong exposing it..... (not coz children were attacked or anything.....funny how the perpetrators are accepted as long as they follow CULT rules, not the LAW.)

ABUSERS OF ALL KINDS always shift the blame onto the victims, it's an old method.  





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There is sexual abuse in every religion. There are bad people everywhere. That doesnt mean that the religion its self or teachings support this behavior. I do feel like its cult like, but it doesnt agree with sexual abuse

Glad you have spoken out. You are blessed to have found your voice. You speak for many who have been silenced through human corruption. It wears many faces, has many labels it hides behind, but it is not God. Your speaking the truth, standing up for vulnerable ones is a Godly act of courage.

God that makes me angry! (not that I believe in god - not the god of the JW's anyway). They take the law into their own hands. It's all a facade, fake smiles, fake and aloof righteousness... I know an elder who was accused of abusing his daughter - he was never convicted but there was something very 'not right' about him. The scum bag even brought it up while giving a talk at an assembly - saying he was falsely accused. Then they have the nerve to say they're undergoing persecution because Satan attacks God's rightful servants...

Where is this congregation located?

PeaceOnEarth.....As a former JW, I can attest to the fact that they fit the criteria of a cult. A cult uses mind control as a means to lure and retain members. The religion is a mere facade. The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society is one of biggest money making machines in the world.<br />
<br />
I'm not saying there are no "nice people" in this organization. My mother was a nice person. So are my brothers...and I'm pretty nice too...well, most of the time. haha We were just among the fortunate to escape.<br />
<br />

Growing up in the kingdom hall...there were countless cases of abuse that were never reported to the authorities. One of my best friends was disgustingly abused with foreign ob<x>jects by a baptized brother...when confronted he cried and they considered that true repentance. I myself dated a ministerial servant who tried violating me in several ways in private...and I never told...I knew nothing would be done. <br />
I a

it's always the victims fault, apparantly. Funny, how God never ob<x>jects to it all....

My mother was a Jehovahs Witness until she died. She tried to get me to join but I don't believe in a lot of what went on when she took me to a couple of meetings. I also enjoy celebrating holidays. I don't think there is anything wrong with celebrating. I love parties and especiall Holloween. Kids are so cute when they dress up.

Hm<br />
I have known many Jehovahs Witnesses and have never heard about this issue in their religion.<br />
<br />
I will Google it as you suggest.<br />
<br />
Concerning calling them a "cult", I am wondering how you define cult.

I grew up with them from age 5 to when I left home at 17 1/2. My mother is a JW in good standing (well see the rest of the post) to this day. They snagged my mother when she was going through a painful divorce from my father. For whatever reason, they do attract wounded birds and people with mental illness. My theory is that they do all your thinking for you which can be appealing for those kinds of people.
Neither my brother or I ever were baptized or ended up following the religion. Neither one of us is disassociated or disfellowshiped. This is because we did what we were told while we were there, but had our eyes wide open about what didn\'t make sense even as kids.
In that respect I have sort of a special view of them. I have no particular hatred for them and even keep in loose contact with some of them through my mother. My mother took my son to her meetings when he was a kid and even helped me raise him. She thinks he is a JW now. On the other hand she doesn\'t have much to do with my brother\'s kids who are still young simply because he doesn\'t want them exposed to the JW\'s that much and would never let her take them to her kingdom hall. My mother wouldn\'t go to my brother\'s wedding because it was in a Catholic church. I had to be his mother for the ceremony and I am only 2 years older. Sad :(
I can see the allegations of child abuse as possible. One guy who made me really uncomfortable and some parents felt he was suspiciously inappropriate with their children was later accused of child abuse. He was never disfellowshiped and I was the bad kid for pushing him away when he tried to touch me. I even got slapped for that once. I\'ve always felt that what kept me from actually being molested was my own sense of self preservation. I learned how to protect myself with attitude. It helped that my mother never remarried so I didn\'t have a step-father to beat me down, figuratively or otherwise. I was lucky.
My biggest complaint with JW\'s is that I think they are cult-like. If you read about the definition of cults they fit it somewhat. I don\'t see them passing out poisoned Koolaid, but I do see the mind control with trigger words, their own language, member\'s inability to think for themselves, brainwashing techniques and the fear of reprisal if they express anything against their leaders
I have lost my mother in many ways. My brother and I feel like we have no connection with her. She has pushed us away her whole life. She used to tell me, as a child, many times that Jehovah was more important than me. When she says \"Jehovah is more important to me than you\" it translates into \"I am looking for any excuse I can find to prove to \"the brothers\" that I would give up my own son and daughter for you, because I am totally loyal\", not the god himself but the people in her religion who tell her what god wants her to do. I never asked her to make a choice, I was a little kid. All I wanted was her love, no strings. I have seen many of them over the years apply this same blind devotion when severing relationships with family and friends. My mother dropped a romantic relationship with a fellow JW, who was a really great guy, because \"the brothers said he was not \"scripturally free\" to remarry. Why? Because his former wife had left him and since she had been the one to cheat and he was the witness, he had no right to leave her.
My Mom is 67yrs old now. When she gets sick guess who she calls, me. I live 2000+ miles away, but she calls me. No one takes care of her there. She was ready to give me up for them at every turn when I was a kid. When I, tactfully, ask why someone from the Kingdom hall doesn\'t help her with her doctor visits she says\" I\'ve been sick and haven\'t been to meetings lately\" REALLY, they will drop you like a hot potato for being sick and missing meetings but you dropped both of your kids and all your grand kids, siblings, parents, friends, coworkers etc for them?! She keeps reminding me that I am not on her medical power of attorney list though. I don\'t care, Mom. Really, I don\'t. I just care that someone needs to be there for you, if you don\'t want me.
I\'m not angry with JW\'s. They are very nice on the surface and a lot of the ones I knew were truely nice people, but they are like little mindless sheep. Mostly, I want to hug the ones I like and lead them away before they get devoured by the more dangerous ones that they have no defense from. They all believe Jehovah is going to swoop down and save them and they need do nothing for themselves. I am a little tired of JW\'s at this point, mostly because my heart breaks for my mother\'s lonely elderly years with them.

google it<br />
it's made for s*exual abuse victims of JW's and other cults

Silentlambs?<br />
I have not heard of them...<br />
Do you have more info or perhaps a link?