The Things That Happened In My 'Family'


We were told to keep quiet about it, it is forbidden to speak to anyone 'outside' about 'problems' so this is most likely why you 'haven't heard about it'. Anyway the research into silentlambs will be an eye opener.  

By the way my p*aedophile father came to visit me last year and in his congregation there was a recent case of an elder s*exually abusing his kids and was discovered internally.  

My own fathers words, as he HEARD these orders from the stage, quote: "We were told not to discuss it with the 'outside'".  

Also, when my mother called on the help of the 'elders' when he beat her to a pulp, she was told to 'stick with it' , her words, (before they 'updated their rules' years later... so that makes it okay?)  

When she CAUGHT him raping my 9 year old sister the elders were called, and as usual, he got away with everything.  And he is allowed to go round knocking on doors and is still a respected JW member.  Funny how abuse isn't considered serious enough to 'disfellowship' over as long as you do everything else right .  And anyway even if they did, they still let them back in, as long as they say 'sorry'.

'Sorry' buys everything!?'  'Sorry' doesn't give me my life back, or my brother's as he jumped 22 floors in 2007.  

The Police are rarely allowed to get called coz of the secrecy policy, and the abusive family members won't want discovery anyway; example, my brother bust my ear open when I was 9 and my mother said:

'It's the school holidays anyway so your school won't find out' 

Last year on my father's visit I tried getting him to admit the s*exual abuse, he bacame very evasive and denied it first before I cornered him into admitting it then he had to.  A perfect cult for both my parents to be members of, since everything is shrouded in:

Paranoia, Secrecy, Guilt, Fear, Control, and petty punishments.

I lived my childhood defending myself from false accusations through absolute control, I lived on my wits dreading the next beating, and watched as they went to 'the meetings' (Church) as if nothing happened.

But don't forget, child abuse isn't as much an issue as the crime of 's*ex before marriage' or any one of their 1000 other rules.  'Brush under the carpet' - no, I won't do that anymore and be afraid to 'talk to the outside'.  Guess what, you can abuse me all you want when I am a helpless child or a crushed teenager, but when that person gets older they have the FREEDOM to LEAVE both 'family' and 'cult'.

THE EFFECTS OF THE DAMAGE afterwards is the very reason I made these groups on E.P because it's 'easy to walk away, hard to heal'.  Other ex -J.W's are no less damaged than me, esp when the 'SHUNNING' happens if you have the guts to walk away, because that's what they do to you ESP if you OFFICIALLY leave.  They call you an 'apostate' which is a scary dirty word meant to make you feel worse than a leper.

They make out how you are 'under the influence of the Devil' for breaking free and punish you by never speaking to you again, if that cult has been your whole life you are now ALONE you have lost friends, family, etc and don't have a clue how to start 'life in the world' -

'The World' is another phrase meant to be a secret language term to 'strike fear in the heart', coz it means you're f*ucked, and gonna be killed by God at 'Armaggeddon' coz you 'turned away from him.'  

I TRIED TO KILL MYSELF AT 19 because I was so afraid of the harsh rules staying in it, and the harsh punishments leaving, and the BIG punishment of being exterminated by God.  I couldn't take it anymore

And all the 'elders' did was stand around my bedside at the hospital after having my stomach pumped from 100 paracetamols, waving their creepy magazines in my face, 2 months after threatening to 'disfellowship' me for losing my virginity.

Oh, and here's a quick insight on theor double standard, hypocritical rules that nake no sense:

If a husband is beating the cr*ap out of his wife, she's not allowed a divorce. (They only 'allow' divorce on 'death' or 'adultery')  BUT, if her husband is giving her oral s*ex, (or any one of the long list of forbidden's apart from BASIC penetration) She can DIVORCE him!  (some twisted reasoning! They call it 'fornication' and compare these to 'homos*exual acts')


If he beats you, you're not allowed a divorce.  If he gives you pleasure, you are!  Ha ha, what a load of boll*ox.  The last lecture I heard from them BEFORE I left in disgust, was this very subject.

How many women have left their violent husbands by separation instead, (coz they can't exactly stop THAT) and lived the rest of their lives WAITING for their partner to cheat on them (which might never happen coz of the harsh punishments for these 'sins') or die, before being 'allowed' to marry again?

Many people marry in great haste due to the premarital s*ex ban - therefore making it much harder to know if a partner is likely to be violent.

By the way, the JW's are very quick to change their rules a few years later if there's an uproar, just to confuse everyone.  They're expected to forget all about 'how it used to be' as if it's okay to destroy ppl's lives and move on.  

'Brush it under the carpet'.... oh but I tried to, and choked from all the dust under there.




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This is perfect! Thank you for voicing your truth and exposing this harsh cult! #ExJW

I had to delete my story due to personal friendships I dont wanna jeopardize. Sorry but I hope enough ppl read it and it hopefully helped at least a few ppl during the months it was up. It just sucks cuz I been out for awhile and STILL find myself under their thumb trying to keep **** together. In a nutshell my story was I went to jail, studied with Witnesses, discovered that a huge percentage of the congregation was serving time for sex crimes (rape, molestation, etc), became disgusted, ran the other way. Biggest issue is I have friends and 1 family member in the Organization and I dont wanna lose them. I was unbaptized publisher. But I woke up and cant very well fall back asleep! Not when my eyes hav been opened this wide.

also me and my boyfriend left when we were around 18-20 and was never treated that way ever i still saw members around and they always talked to me to see how i was getting on etc. its only about a year ago we decided to come back after discovering what the harsh realities of the world really are im now 25 my bf is 29

non of these people are true jw's. People who do this kind of thing hide behind religion but Jehovah is watching and when the day comes they will not have their place in the promised land.
Yes its a terrible thing that this has happened to you but we are not all like this, true Jehovah's witnesses are humble, welcoming and they follow the bible how it should be followed. just because you have had this bad experience and you have been treated like this by so called Jehovahs witnesses dont turn your back on Jehovah.

Kasey you are a wonderful representative of the JW's! I think you should post more, your testimony needs to be heard. Please blog, do interviews on TV! Call into radio stations. You're doing great!

These stories are so outrageous it's hard to believe this ain't a movie. The day they start molesting kids it'll b on national news like them Catholics Jews Boy Scouts and all that. There are bad people but the organization won't aid a *********

It took years for all that to come to light. I think the reason that got all on the news is because it was related to Catholics. At least in the US, the news channels only care to report scandals related to Christianity and Catholicism. Maybe Scientology gets some press but that's because celebrities are in that cult/religion. Just look at the politicians, most of them claim to be Christians or Catholics. This country only cares about these two religions. And that is why Jehova's are hardly or never on the news.

Im am so sorry for all your troubles you are a courage woman - I am now studing with the Jehovah Witness and find them nothing like what is in these posts Of course I am older and have the freedom of doing what I wish but I have found them kind generious and yes unrelenting in there teachings but this is good if it touches your heart and you know its true that go for it - but no one - NO ONE should every have to put up with abuse in any situation good bless

I was raised in the Mormon church. I believe it is a cult but I have to say, the Jehovah Witness religion has the corner on CULT! At least you are encouraged to get an education with the Mormon church. Jehovah Witness like to keep 'em stupid so they can do complete and total manipulation!

excuse me? what are you talking about? we are free to learn as much as we want. we can go to college. lead your life following God's commandments and guidance and you can do anything within that. what have you been listening to?

it isnt encouraged but you can do it. it isnt encourage because if you put college ahead of Jehovah you are losing sight of the important things. you can go to college. we just dont put emphasis on college. the ministry is more important.

I admire you. I have walked your path as a foster kid. Not JW but Church of Christ. Father elder with money. I survived and married a pk and well ..... Like marries like... But I am whole finally. And I stopped the cycle. My kids were safe.

Used to be a jw .....was forced by my parents (mostly my dad) to study at about the age of 12.....after years of brainwashing I thought it was the truth. Later as I grew up and finally was able to think on my own I knew it was all a bunch of bullshit. My parents are now deceased but my brother is STILL in the cult (and yes I DO believe its a cult) & although he lives within 30 miles from me I haven't seen or spoken to him since our mother passed almost 2 yrs ago. I left the cult on my own YEARS ago...wasn't disfelllowshipped or anything. By reasoning for myself & lots of study I've come to the conclusion there is no god...except what people make up. Freeing myself from the mind controlling, guilt ridden cult that is jehovahs witnesses has made me a much more open minded non-judgmental person and a helluva lot happier one. I wouldn't wish that kind of life on my worst enemy. How freeing it is to be out of that hell hole of a religion!

you stay encouraged and know that what happen to you is no reflection of God's heart. He is a loving revelation there is an angel to collect your every tear and place them in a book. Also know his love is unconditional and true.

@askduane. The Greek New Testament says clearly that Jesus is the only Son of God and the ONLY way to Him. That same Greek NT also says that by Jesus own words that is also God in mans form "Before Abramam was, I AM". I'm betting you don't know a word of Greek and are quoting someone as ignorant as you obviously are.

Only one man that mastered the art of perfection and his name is Jesus Christ. All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of Jehovah God. We strive for perfection by following Jesus Christ, he teaches mankind how to live and prepare to meet our Heavenly Father. If Jehovah's Witness is a cult, which it is not. But if it is false, then you would have to reject All of the Greek sc<x>riptures/New Testament Bible because that's what they follow. You would also have to reject the book of Acts and the instructions from Paul who wrote most of the Christian Greek sc<x>riptures/New Testament. You would have to reject Jesus Christ our Messiah, why? His commandments are rules to follow. Why did they kill Jesus, Steven, Paul, John and the rest of the disciples? Because they taught something different than the religious groups wanted to hear. The Truth. Think about that the next time you talk negative about Jehovah's Witnesses.

If I could ask, have you ever read the Bible in its entirety? :)

To day i saw the results of 2 children brought up in a JW family both on prozac one 14 years old one 16, and a mum & dad both suffering from depression, I broke away last year after questioning many teachings, but keep intouch with some friends, & yes ive seen the results of years of studdying their litrature.I still have the nightmares.

My niece was petrified all her childhood because her parents forced her to constantly study the JW book of revelations - and if you've never seen this book - it has nightmare pictures in it to help scare teh dickens out of you! she was a child who bit all her finger and toe nails until they blead and would line up all her teddy bears facing out to protect her because all the elders told her that these demons are true and are out to get you. When she finally had the strength to leave at 17 they dropped her off in the middle of the nearest city after her birthday and told her to leave! I think we need to expose this so called religion for what it is to the justice system and make it illegal! These children grow up to be adults who can conect to everyone else on the street, they feel like an outcast and they have no self love so they hate them selves and self medicate to numb the pain that they can't begin to explain to anyone - they often end up on the street - and now everyone else calls them bums and to get a job! We need to find these people and love and support them and show them that they were wronged and it's not their fault before the succeed in taking their life!

Mormons are the same way. I am so glad I am out! God will heal you! I prefer to stay away from orgainized religion and watch Joyce Meyer on TV from the safety of my couch.

Thank God for Jesus that he's a healer and that he sets people free. No matter how the past left you or what made your heart hardened, Jesus Christ is the the resolver of every problem or issue you faced in your life. Suicide is not the way out, denial is not the way out, hiding your issues or burying them in your past is not the way out, JESUS CHRIST is the only way can never run away or get rid of your issues without facing them and conquering it. All God wants is to love you, and no matter how someone treats you we're are still supposed to love them because it's not them it's whatever spirit they are operating in.Of course JW's doesn't believe in spirits but to sum up everything, Jesus is the restorer.

So many of the things you mention echo my own experiences with them. My stepfather was abusive. If there's one thing I've learned in the real world, people notice, talk about everything. Somehow an entire congregation of 150+ people never noticed my mom wearing the big sunglasses.

Bravo for speaking up and having the courage to leave!! I admire you greatly, and wish I could have spared you the agony you have suffered.<br />
I hope that one day you feel safe and loved at all times.<br />

im sorry i have fury much fury toward your dad.. im also suicidal so if you need me to kill anyone i can kill him before i off myself

Many Blessings and may the pain you endured flow from you as does the wind thru the trees.<br />
<br />
I myself was one of those child brides you hear about in Utah, married and with a baby at 14....

No. Even if it wasn't for my bad exp, I am not the sort of person that follows leadership or guidance. I am not even a 'free thinker' coz I try not to think at all.<br />
I surround myself with positive things, love, & friendship. Animals give all these things out of the joy of their innocent hearts.<br />
I hate ppl.

well she was never really in it<br />
think maybe she was too distracted by fighting off the step father to think about worshipping his 'God'<br />
well they were an example of bad parents hiding under scriptures<br />
but that wouldn't seem odd to them, coz the JW's teach that God himself is violent, every week, gruesome images are shown of ppl laying on the ground graphically murdered at 'Armaggeddon'<br />
I kinda stopped worrying about my death at the end of the world coz I realised I had my own 'Armaggeddon' surviving my family.<br />
What IS scary is how many others have suffered the same <br />
that's why I shout 'silentlambs' and 'google' to any1 listening, too afraid to speak out

Keep talking and feeling! Thinking of you! You poor thing, sorry my english. Life is gonna be better to you soon.