I Have Faith But Not the Religion

although I was never baptized I grew up going to the hall regularly. I feel that ones own ideas and personal goals are constrained. The bible is constantly used to replace ones own feelings.  Many of the strict rules that are enforced are not in the bible and tend to change from congregation to congregation.  there are  facts that show how some of the teaches are wrong as well.  As for myself I became confused over the years about alot of things personally I believe it's because of the 'mind control' I had been introduced to.  One can not have any faults and is often looked down if they do.  I had famliy members disfellowedshipped for various reasons and I use to hate seeing them not allowed to converse with others, and have to hurry and run out the door when the meeting is over with.  If one was to only have friends within the hall and no family, one can become very lonely especially if one is disfellowshiped. While in college I started to go back to the hall yet felt rushed by those one wanted to have a bible study (either the urgency or to fill up their time sheets).  However I now attend the Memorial Service. I know my family will stay within the hall forever yet I know it's not for me. 

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If I could ask, have you ever read the Bible in its entirety? :)

Jesus Christ is not about religion he wants a personal relationship with us. The truth is in the BIble pray and read for yourself and when you earnestly seek GOD he will reveal himself to you.

I wonder why you continue attending even the Memorial Service if you don't believe in the practices. Is it just to maintain contact with family? As an ex-JW, I truly empathize for you, but fortunately, most of my family escaped the cult. I was disfellowshipped, and before that, it was one of my brothers. My mother decided that she didn't want to live in any "paradise" if her kids couldn't be there too, so she said she'd take her chances and just never went back....same for my other brother. In fact, most of our friends left too.<br />
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This old friend of mine used to joke around and say that there are 2 kinds of disfellowshipped JW's....the ones who will escape and go on to lead normal productive lives....and the others, who really should go back because the alternative was to be miserable, some even committed suicide. Don't mean to be morbid, but it's happened.<br />
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Sometimes it takes a life changing event to wake us up from this cult-induced coma, but everyone is different, so maybe just weaning yourself away is the best for you.<br />
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Sign me "Awake!" ;-)

The reason I think a lot of people go off the deep end when they become 'wordly' after growing up in the JW religion is because the religion gives you a complete misconception of reality; what life and real people are like. From my experience 'real life' is not as sugar coated as being in the JW community. I was not prepared to live in the real world. I had 'wordly' friends before I left which I still have now. But other people I met would be friends with me one day and then just drop me. And I was DEFINITELY not prepared for men. I didn't know how men think of relationships and sex so there was a very confusing period of time for me full of heartache. Going into the 'world' was a very hard experience for me but I did have good friends that didn't let me get into any real trouble like drugs. If they hadn't been there, I would be a rock bottom story.

I feel for you all.<br />
Escape is the remedy.

that's sad. And their actions and millions of other JWs who patience the same behavior are praticing HATE instead of LOVE.<br />
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awl I but ur niece is a little angel and it's a blessing that she was born :)!

my family is mainly christian although i do not attend church regularly. kind of ironic actually....anyways, my sister and her boyfriend have had a child. he was a witness but as soon as he the church found out that he had a child he was immediately excommunicated from the church as well as disowned by his family. yep, not even his parents will have anything to do with their gran daughter....she is the cutest baby EVER btw....just saying =D i could care less what the hell his parents think, i think that my niece is a blessing to the world.

Yes to outcast someone is so wrong. I believe ONLY GOD is to judge and God is a forgiving and only he knows our hearts. <br />
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thanks my family does speaks to me yet at times conversation about "the Truth" as Witenesses put it is often brought up around. At times it makes me feel bad because they do indeed believe they are the true and choosen religion. <br />
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Has your mom ever often been convinced that she should come to the hall and change her life over to Jehovah? <br />
Please don't let her! :)

My mother works at a company owned by a witness, coincidentally he mainly hires witnesses, although my mom and a couple others are not.<br />
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One woman who works there has a seventeen year old daughter who got pregnant out of wedlock. When the girl came in to see my mom for lunch, the rest of the workplace ignored her like the plague.<br />
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To me, that is not Christ-like, to ignore people and cast them out. I am glad you got out of it! Are you allowed to talk to your family?