First Time At The 15th Ave. Adult Emporium

We are a couple in Palatine, IL. My name is Victor, 38 years back then. I’m writing in request of my wife Analisa, she’s 36 years at the time. On Saturday (March 13 2010) around 9:30 p.m. we went to 15th Ave. Adult Bookstore SPA In Melrose Park, IL. My wife was dressed in a sexy micro mini skirt that showed a quarter of her *** cheeks in plain view. We talk to the clerk (good attitude and polite). He explained the prices and if we were not sure of going inside the SPA that we could purchase ticket for the theater and if later we wanted to go into the SPA we could paid the difference and also if we wanted we could ask the security guard to show us around the SPA.
We purchase ticket for the theater (video both are included), first thing we did was to check out the both and see if there was any Glory Holes and to our disappointment there were no Glory Holes.
We wanted to check the SPA so we rang the doorbell leading into the SPA. The security guard opens the door and we asked him if ok to show us the SPA. He shows us around (very polite and professional). It has a mini lobby where they have a 53” screen T.V, some private room, lockers which at that time there was a guy completely naked locking up his locker. I saw with the corner of my eyes my wife glancing a few times at his male part and looking away before the guy open a glass door and disappear into a steamy room (couldn’t go inside that room with our clothes on).
Then we went to the theater and sat down at the couple only section. Lot of male around in and out and three couples. After we watch part of the movie and to my amazement my wife said “let go to the SPA”.
At the Spa my wife started getting undress. She was naked except for her micro mini thong that covers absolutely nothing of her bubble round ***. I got undress and also there were other men getting undress as well. My wife and I open the glass door which leads into the showers, there were seven guys’ completely naked taking showers. We took a shower. After that we went to the steam room, there were about ten males totally naked and they had a spot for us ready to sit. We sat down and chat for about ten minutes all these time my wife would glance at some guys hard on. Back at the locker as we got dress we saw a couple going into one of the private rooms and then three minutes later we saw another couple into another private room. As we made our way out of the Spa a guy told us “here, the couple and women are kings, couples and women are the ones that decides when and how to play and no means no, if anyone whoever doesn’t obeys those rules will be kick out”.
Back at the theater we sat for five minutes and in come a woman. She stands at the back of the theater and moments later a guy walks down the aisle toward a dark door behind the big screen (we called The Dark Door Behind The Screen). Then the woman also headed toward the same room. My wife asked what is in there which I didn’t have an answer. Moments later two guy followed. We kept viewing the movie. Then my wife said “let go and see what’s in the room”. As we approached the door, the guy that first went inside earlier walk out the door. We went inside the room; it was dark except for the lights produce by the big screen. It was fairly a big empty room. The woman was there; she was pulling up her nylons and straining her skirt. Two guys standing around were watching. We saw the room but we miss the show so shortly after that we left the room.
We made our way out of the theater and into the lobby. The clerk asked us if we had fun which we did. Some people will say nothing special happened that night but for my wife and I enjoyment we enjoy ourselves since my wife enjoys exhibitionist and I enjoy voyeurism.
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I just read your story about 15th av. experience. Loved it. I want to go there soon...perhaps we'll see each other there. that would be awesome!

I've been there once on a Tuesday afternoon, it was slow but I got to see what it was all about. I spent most of my time naked in the spa area. I had a blast, can't wait to go back!!!

If you ever need another guy for your *********, please leave me a message and perhaps I can join you. I've always wanted to do a *********. I'm very serious so keep me in mind. ooooh la la.............gentlengood

15th ave Adult Eporium Night Club and Theater present "Adults Party" Saturday August 31, 2013 from 8pm. 1am. Music by DJ Bob, large dance floor, club lights and a stage where you can hop on and dance. (BYOB) Bring Your Own Beverages (soda, wine, beer and even your flavor vodka if you like) Private rooms and access to the theater at no extra charge. $30 couples, $45 single men. Free cover for all single ladies. Absolutely 21 and over. Absolutely no cameras, video cameras and cellphones, (cellphones must be kept in your pocket or purse and calls must be made in front of the building).Absolutely no touch without asking.Absolutely No means No<br />
<br />
15th Ave. Adult Emporium Night Club And Theater 2125 N. 15th Ave.&nbsp; Melrose Park, IL 60160&nbsp; 708-410-2095

Thanks! am definitely checking it out!

Hola, it been a while since we publish this story and people send messages asking for any tips and where is located at. Well let me begin with 15 Ave Adult Bookstore, Theater, SPA + Party Room (aka) 15 Ave Adult Emporium it's a great place to have a good times till 2AM. A great place for couples, single females and t-girls due to the safe environment the employees staff provides. Everyone 21 and over is allow to enter; males, females and everyone in between.

It is located at 2125 N 15th Ave, Melrose Park, IL and there's plenty of discrete parking space at the Adult Emporium parking lot.

For single males it's $20 for the theater and arcade video booth, the SPA is extra. For single females and couples it's $10, most of the times the SPA is included, which it's a good thing it's a win win for every body.

  Keep in mind three major house rules; #1 absolutely "No means No", #2 absolutely "Ask Before Touching", #3 absolutely "No Cellphones, Photo Cameras, Video Audio Recording Cameras or Devices". It is absolutely a great place to get naked and have fun... 

We're couple (husband and wife) and when me and my husband go we always enjoy ourselves every time we go to 15 Ave Adult Emporium. When the "Party Room" is open you can "BYOB", you can dance, mingled with others and... well you know. On football season (Sunday and Monday) you can watch The Bears, other nights when the teams are hot you can catch Cubs, Sox, Bulls or Blackhawks. At the Party Room there's also four massage rooms for your enjoyment. So after partying at the Party Room you can go to the theater relax and feel comfortable to enjoy yourself or maybe you want to hop in the showers and relax in the SPA and get a full body massage by someone interest you which afterwards you can head back to the Party Room in your towel or clothed or butt naked and continue enjoying yourself. At the theater behind the screen sometimes "Oh dear, love it". 

A few tips; bring your own lock (lockers are provided), bring your flip flop sandals so when in the showers and SPA, towel are provided (one per person) but you can ask for another one for a charge or bring a towel with you from home, condoms bring lots of them, "oh and ladies" I know when I tell you jeans are ok but they are a hassle when you want to take them off and put back on, I suggest do as I do ware something comfortable something you can put on and off easily like a sun dress or miniskirt or any type of dress your comfortable and let you do so. Otherwise see you there and let have fun, adult fun that is. Lol...


I am thinking about going here. Any advice?

Tell me more about that place. I live in Palatine and have never heard of it. Can I go alone?