More Estim And Sounding.

I still sound and estim. I made a rod similar to a Van Buren; but with more curve and longer.  I can go all the way to the bottom of my bladder with it.  I have also sheathed it in heat-shrink tubing so I can use estim and only the places that I want the estim to contact is affected.  With this in my 'Cobb's Curve' and a metal item (have used several different ones) in my butt; with estim, I have had some wonderful moments!  I don't actually 'sound'; sliding the items in and out of my urethra.  I only place them in it so I can use estim.  (If I want to actually want to 'sound', I use something flexable so I can slide it in and out of my 'curve'.)  I have found that a hex wrench works really well also.  I use one that's just small enough to let me connect an estim probe to it or slide the probe between the wrench and the wall of my urethra.  I use the 'ball end' type hex wrench because I can tie a string to the indent and not worry about it slipping off.  I use uphostery thread.  It is extremely stout.  I can slip the wrench into my 'curve'; then I use something (with estim attached) in my butt, pressing again my prostate.  Then by slowly increasing the current and frequency, I can get some extremely nice feelings.  Using this method, I have found that I can actually achieve a hands free ******.  Sometimes I just relax in bed at night with this and let it tingle me for several hours.  Though most of the time I do this for an hour or so, it's not unusual for me to do this for 3, 4, or more hours.  It's something that I just never seem to tire of doing.  Although I haven't been doing it as often as I used to do; I still do it several times a month.  Sometime I just ****, sometime I vibrate; but most time I sound and estim.
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

Sounding and estim are great. Would be even better if my wife would play!