In My Dreams She's A Good Kisser

I dreamed of making out with my sister for the first time when I was 18 and she was 12.  I didn't know I found her attractive; indeed, I hadn't much paid attention to her.  In the dream it was somebody who resembled my sister, but you know how dream stories go: once the dream agrees it's her, then it's her.


Only after this dream did I notice her figure had begun to fill out.  It was like one day she was this flat-chested little beanpole, and the next, she was the most voluptuous girl in seventh grade.  I didn't dare tell her I'd noticed, not just because of our relationship, but also because of the age difference.


Soon this was a recurring dream; I dreamed of making out with her two, sometimes three times a month.  I did some research, found out that the age of consent in my state is sixteen, and resolved to tell her only then.  So for several years I dreamed of making out with my sister on a regular basis, and it was my dirty secret.


Sometimes, in my dreams, we had sex.  That was nice, and I even dreamed of starting a family with her.  But the basic dream was of kissing her, sucking on her neck, exploring her body with my hands, while she did all that to me.  I am proud to say that, in my dreams, I was a considerate partner, and she was an excellent kisser.


I confessed my dream to her a few months after she turned sixteen, and she confessed that she had the same dream.  I told her I would like that dream to come true.  She refused, out of fear of getting caught: not only would we both be ostracized, but I couldn't pay my own bills, much less support her as she finished school.


I confessed to her again when she was 18, and again when she was 19.  I haven't told her since.  She admitted she would like to kiss me, and we went dancing once, and there was no secret of my woody against her thigh.  But apart from feeling her **** against my chest during the odd hug, we've never gone any further.


But I still dream about my sister, the flavor of her mouth, the feel of her back under my palms, her breasts against my chest.  It has been seventeen years since that first dream, and it still comes to me a few times a year.  I don't know if I want to have sex with her (sometimes I do), but I would give everything I own to find out if she's as good a makeout partner in real life as she is in my dreams.

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live your dream u can keep it a secert