Lets Just Say we've all been in one of those situations where we are either the bully, the bullied or the bystander. and to be honest I think its time that people feel safe to come forward and know that there is some one there that will help them through it and I know that there are things out there but is it as easy as logging on here where no-one knows who you are and telling the world how you feel and letting it all out. See From The Time I Was little I was always pushed down and belittled because i wasnt classed as pretty, i wasnt popular and i enjoyed my time at school, but every time i tried to stand up for myself it just got worse, but over time i learned to cope with it until the nasty words started comeing from people i thought were my friends and then they started coming from my family and even though i know im surrounded by people who love me i feel as though im all alone and it scares me some times im scare to sleep in casei wake up and im alone, but even though i feel this way i feel as though other people shouldnt have to. I Wish i could make everyones pain go away.
silencenomore silencenomore
18-21, F
Dec 6, 2012