More Nerds ******* Lmao

so i am sometimes real reserved and dont do like anything and other times i feel like i am ******* nuts and lately i have been pretty out there like hooking up with random cute guys and stuff like that where sometimes i just wont do that at anyway i have been into losers lately lmao yeah i know i am a tramp but so what none pof my real friends and stuff know that i do this stuff so who cares..anyway last night i am at wal mart at like 2 in the mporning because i cant sleep and i had taken pain meds with nyquil and i was feeling stupid so i ended up at walmart lol and u know how they have like basically retarded people sweeping the floor and stuff..well there was this like super slow adult or whatever you would call him pushing a mop ariound and he was totally perving on me like following me and just checking me out pretty much..i had on a coat and jeans so honestly i dont even knw why he cared but anyway he i decided to have some fum so i pulled my jeans down so the top of my *** showed and i kept squatting down like i was looking on the bottom shel of stuff and i did this like 6 times and each time my pants just got further down and i was pretty much letting him see my ******* by the end lol i was trying not to scare him but i wantyed him to do something interesting but i seriously didnt knw what to have him do anyway i just walked over to him and go "i want to see you ***" and he was like uh uh lmao he literally coudnt speak and i dont knw if thats cause he is like retarded or just cause of what i i go "look just act like ur getting something off the top shelf for me and i will jack you off" and he waqs still like uh uh but he did manage to say "holy ****" lmao ok so i te3ll him wherre to stand and to raise his hands up like he reaching the top shelf stuff and i kinda get in front of him and i take my hand while i am standing next to him so my hand is like turned backwrads so i am feeling his **** through his sweats lol he is huge btw i am just sdayin he felt like he hyad a huge **** like thick and long but i never diod actually see i just stroke him fast up and down like seriously mabye 8 times and he **** lmao just like squirts in his sweats and he has a huge wet spot there then i just kept walking around the store until like 4 a.m.
kaylarules kaylarules
18-21, F
Dec 13, 2012