Community Service

ok so when i was 14 i got arrested for shoplifting at K-Mart lol yeah i know wghatever shut up! so i had to go to court and had to be on porobation and all that probation officer was the little chubby lady whpo was really prob only like 25 or something and her name was jackie jackie said i had to do community service and she took me to the police station and she said that this is where pretty much every teenager did there community service and that it wasnt bad at all i just had to wash the police dcars and like sweep up and i report to the police station on a saturday morning and i think that it is gonna be like me and 100 other teenagers but nope its just me and one cop ..the cop is this kinda big hairy dude that prob like 35 yrs old and he is a JERK..right off the bat he goes ur gonna be washin cars all day today u little **** so put this on and he gives me a long white plain t shirt so i put it on over my shirt and stuff and he goes no no u little tramp just the shirt and nothing i go into the bathroom and put the sirt on and take off all my other stuff and ;leave it on this shelf in the bathroom...i go out in the shirt and he goes..u dum tramp u are supposed to leave ur pants on i just meant not to wear ur shirt under it..and he goes oh well come here...and he takes me to this big garage and he says here is a bucket now go fill it up with water and put some soap in it u satupid *****..i was like thinking this is no way this is right and i just go over and start filling up the bucket cause i am honestly kinda scared out of my mind at this time and he comes up behind me and he goes...u little **** i can see ur *** when u are doing that, what r u doing trying tio make me get hard? i go sir i just want to do whatever u say so i can get my hours in sir i will do whatever u want...i go i dont care if u **** me or want me to bnlow u or whatever i will do it i just dont wanna get in anymore trouble..i said i have condoms in my purse just let me get one and i will put it on you and then u can **** me and then u wont be so mad..i gave my best little sexyxy face i could and i showed him my little bald ***** and showed him how my lips were nice and puffy and how i was already wet af ..he goes hurry up go get the ****** condom u little **** i went back to the bathroom and i called jackie and said the cop says he needs to see u here immediately he says to just come in we will be in the garage part/........i go back out to the garage the cop is standing by the stairs and he has his pants off and his shirt undone and he has a gross beer belly and he is standing there rubbing his **** real slow he is huge just like big andthick and it isnt even hard yet and i am scared cause i think he is gonna rip me in two..and i go i cant find the condom but i dont care none anyway u can just **** me i go but ur freakin huge i mean ur **** is and i dont want you to hurt me i go u are gonna have to get me supoer wet before u **** me ok and then u can do it as long as u want ..and he goes oh **** this is hot i aint never done no 14 yr old before and i go i know how u can get me wet as heck sir if u just lick me for like 5 minutes i know i will be super wet and then ur big schlong will slide in so good..i go oh wow ur already hard arent u..and he goes yeah u little ***** i wanna **** the **** outta you and i go oh wow i am getting wet come here and eat me out tho first and i go i want you to **** my ******* first will u lick me there? ..and he goes oh **** yeah i will and i go ok here and i stood up on this chair and leaned so i could see out the window and i stuck my butt out and he goes i aint never seen such a hot little 14 yr old butt and i go oh please sir just lick me really hard..and he put his face right in my butt and he starts licking and i go oh sir nobody has ever done this and i go it makes me feel like i have to fart tho and i just poushed and tried and finally i was able to fart right in his mouth and i go oh sir i am so sorry and he goes shut up ***** and he said if u do that again just say something so i can get my face away from u ok? and i go yeah just keep going i am so close to being ready for u to fuick my ***..he starts licking again and i fart as big as i have ever farted and then i see jackie pulling into the poarking lot and i go oh man i need ur big **** now..i go hold me down i want it to feel like ur forcing ur big **** inside me..i go hold my face down make me suck u first..and he grabs my head and pulld my head right up to his big throbbiojg **** and then jackie walks throught the door and i yell jackie he is gonna rape me and jackie ciomes over and hits him with the bar thing and i yell hit him more and she does and then i say go call the real cops like the state people and she runs out to her car and i get down in his face and i go..i like ur **** but i really hate you now u can jack off thinkin about my little *** and how it wqould feel to **** me u gross perv
kaylarules kaylarules
18-21, F
Jan 7, 2013