High School Guys

i was talking to my friend kacie last night and she was telling me about the first time she gave head and we were comparing stories and stuff but i wanted to tell her story hear...this is from kacie so i am not positive on the details...kacie is super hott first of all i have only known her for a couple yrs since we started college but i am sure she was hot always..she was 14 and in the 8th grade..she was at a dance at the beginning of the school year and nobody was dancing or anything and it was super awkward so she went outside with her friend and they were sitting on the steps in the front of the school and these two high school guys pull up in a pickup truck and ask if kacie and her friend want to smoke weed and they say sure and they go hop in the truck...holly sits in the middle and kacie says can i sit on ur lap to the guy in the passenger seat and he is like **** yeah u can..they drive to this beach like at a lake not like the ocean or anything and the driver fires up a joint and passes it around and kacie starts laughing cause the guy she is sitting on has a ***** and she is laughing at him and she tells holly what is so funny and holly laughs and they tell him they want to see it ..so the all get6 into the back of the truck and he drops his pants and he is like semi hard at this time and kcies is like what happened to ur ***** and he was like idk why dont u make it come back and she goes ok and she just gets on her knees in front of him and starts sucking his **** and she said the driver guy wanted holly to suck his but she wouldnt and she was just laughing and said she was too stoned and he got all mad and was just like sitting there while kacie is sucking his friends ****..she couldnt make the guy *** and he said he was too weirded out by his friend sitting there and that he wasnt going to be able to *** kacie though he was aying she wasnt good enough at it and she got mad and had them take them back to the dance..on the way back the guy explained what he was saying and kacie felt bad and she said she got down on tbhe floor of the truck and sucked his **** until he came and that it didnt take that long that way cause it wasa dark in the truck and the guy wasnt nervous anymore..the end
kaylarules kaylarules
18-21, F
Jan 14, 2013