Why You Gotta Be So Mean?

I hate how people are so judgemental. They will make fun of somebody because of something they say/do. For instance, there is a girl that I sit next to in Language Arts, who is scruffy on the outside, but really nice. They call her fat, smelly, and everything else under the sun. People will make fun of me because I'm short. I'm in 7th grade and only 4'6". They call me short and annoying. It really hurts somebody's feelings when they are made fun of. Most of the people who make fun of a person don't even know them well! This leads me to not understand why people have to be so mean.
MaggieGurl1132 MaggieGurl1132
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1 Response May 8, 2012

I know how you feel. I was bullied all the way through school. Many times it seemed like teachers did not even care. It sucks but just remember when you graduate the way they treated you. They will come up to you and act like your best friend 10 years from now.