My First Dui And The Best Chances Of Getting Off Easy.

Okay so I got my first DUI April 20th. I am embarrased by it but it all worked out. Now bare in mind I was in the Army for 5 years and did 2 tours.

The most common thing people think is do I need a Attorney? The answer is YES. They can help big time! Let me tell you how.

I blew a .175 and could have been charged double. He got it down to a single. The speeding ticket he got waived. Do to my two tours I do not have to do community service. I was also given the lowest fine the judge had ever given out at 325 dollars.

Key is BE RESPECTFUL TO THE COURT!!! Do not under dress but at the same time do not over dress. Refer to the judge as your Honor.

There is no way out of a DUI really unless the arresting officer made a huge error. The best thing to do is not drink and drive. Just remember though what I said above and you will come out of it better then you expected.

I know I did not deserve to get off easy and I was guilty. Just show them respect and they will show you some.
josh19852011 josh19852011
26-30, M
May 8, 2012