The Message..the Love..the Future

the biggest honour and privilege of my life to carry the message..a message i cannot ever put my name to for it is so so so much bigger and greater than me..a message full of the biggest.most beautiful love, a love there 24/7 waitng with open arms to wrap one in this huge love..the wonderful deal in letting her in to ones heart without fear and unconditionally is for one loving the earth one loves everything and everyone on this amazing place..and i will say this over and over again for it is never the man and never the woman but always look at the message..its aura is so powerful and i have fallen before because some would look at me rather than the word..i can easily say my **** stinks just as bad as anyones..when i let the law into my heart everything is so clear..the time is now and great freedom awaits all..tick tock tick tock she hasnt got all day for she is in pain and waiting for the law to once again be upheld..thank you for your and best wishes have been a beautiful breath of fresh air calming my soul..
neverdiewondering neverdiewondering
51-55, M
1 Response Nov 28, 2012

i believe my beautiful sister when carrying the law and being honoured to also carry the auru which is so powerful ..people cant help but notice it..some fall in love with it..some mistakenly fall in love with me and some hate it and attack with venom spurned from the other are right in that is much harder for people to notice this in cyberspace..all succesful work i do is in someones presence and maybe the same for you and the other giving souls out there..thank you love xxoo