Give Me A Chance Here, Please.

Hey everyone! To those reading this thanks again for lending me your eyes and time. So I joined here hoping I can share to everyone who I truly am, sadly I'm still closeted.
The reason? well my friends and family think that a guy like me would be a waste if i turned gay. I'm good looking, smart, and talented(not bragging), but thats how they see me.
But truth is , I'm attracted to guys, I wish to be in a relationship with one, expierience love from a man i truly care for. But I'm afraid to dissapoint people, I don't wish to please but also don't wish to dissapoint, maybe I'm just afraid what other people might think of me, or people picking on me. Fears that are familiar to some of us here.
I wish to be real towards myself but with our society I decided to play safe and stay on the side walks. And I feel such a coward for doing it, but here I hope to express myself better, to be heard and be welcomed and meet people like me and maybe to find love who knows. Maybe here I can be myself.

Thank you so much for listening and if you wish we can be friends please don't hesitate I'd love to have friends here :)
Ganymede20 Ganymede20
18-21, M
Dec 8, 2012