My First Time

It was a friday night i met a friend at the bar I had been after her for while. Her name lets call her kandi she was white blond hair slender body nice dark green.Eyes anyway as i walk into the bar she is the first person i.see we have drinks party an now its closing time she ask if I wanna go back to her place so we leave get thr drink a little more we start kissing touching we move the action to the bed room I kiss her neck slowly softly clothes come off an we start having sex were about an your into it she riding me thn outta no where she says I gotta pee so she doesnt get up still riding shesays again I gotta pee so i said go head now I thinking she is going to get up Nope I feel a strong hot stream come gushing on me kandi peed on me for at least two min now this made me pee an yes i peed in wich made her *** like crazy
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Dec 10, 2012