Confused .......

we have been best friends since i remember , i guess from playgroup.
now in 8 th std she doesnt share anything with me , rarely even talks to me . when im with her group of friends i feel left out ...........

i try to go to my friend (i only have a few GOOD friends) she says im alone

she trys to get me in her group but i think she is doing that to make me feel worthess that she has soo popular and awsome friends and i have noone beside me ........ when there is noone for she will come to me and say "ur my only bestfriend ........." and then after a while when she is sad i ask her but she never tells me and when there is noone to listen to her she comes to me to talk.....

is she using me ? is she my friend??????
should i care for her???
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Jan 6, 2013