Everything Seems So Equally Meaningless.......

I would love to believe in God, or...a higher meaning or that memories ( Or anything for that matter ). Persitts after death, But cant so with that in mind, What difference does it make if I decide to hang myself today or die 50t years from now?........................
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2 Responses Aug 24, 2012

I have given up trying to believe in god after a lifelong fruitless search with no solid evidence to back up the stories in so called holy books. I'm now starting to feel more at peace with myself. I think this is what I should have done all along.

believe in God! Most important! otherwise life has no meaning. Without God there is no heaven! Without heaven, life is real ****! and this life is your only chance of finding heaven!

Barry, have you read anything about my posts how is your day well i have had pneumonia 5 times and was hospital for 2-3 months at a time. This last i was only home for 2 weeks and right back in it with 105 temp so i think i have the right to feel this way No it is not right but where else do i have to turn my doctors have done every test known to man and am i upset sure what am i going to do if it happens again? Which i was told it will so then what? If u have answers that could help me that would be so nice. Hope to hear from u soon..