I love old zombie movies. My idea of a great weekend is to be snowed in with a half dozen zombie movies, some okay snacks, and a hot man so I can pretend I am scared and get cuddled all weekend in bed. LOL

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I always like the novel better than the movie, and have never found an exception to this statement.

The Walking Dead is awesome.

why oh why cant I find a woman who loves zombie movies LOL. last Monday I sat down and watch the entire first season of the walking dead, the new Dawn of the Dead, resident evil, and Romero;s night of the living dead and the 91 remake by Savinni. great way to pass a rainy day LOL



Cool Fukk. I will check it out. Thanks for the suggestion sweetie and Zombie movies are awesome.

I just read "Pride & Prejudice & Zombies". If you love zombies and Jane Austen you must read this. It's no joke and the really odd thing is that the darn thing works as a novel. It's been a best seller and....well, check it out and see for yourself. Zombie movies are awesome!

I have seen my fair share including White Zombie which I think was the first one ever..not your best movie honestly lol. I like Dawn ot the Dead...Undead etc.

LOL!!!!! Sounds like a lot of fun.

Hehe! "Oh baby... I think I am going to dream about Zombies chasing me and I want to take a nap.... Will you hold me please?" LOL I am not past it to get my kissing and cuddling.